Eleanor has a lot of Ni, but it doesn’t show up until the midway point, when the audience finds out she has been playing Drea all along and leading her into a series of traps intended to wreck her life, because Drea ruined her teenage existence. She says that narcissists never realize when they are being played. She’s philosophical and loves weird metaphors and comparisons, saying that she loves her companions to be “thick-skinned and cold-blooded” (also referring to herself and Drea, whom she realizes is “just like me” – they are both cold-blooded sociopathic narcissists). Even after her feelings have become complicated, she feels like she “must” adhere to her original plan, and see it through (even threatening to send Drea’s mother to jail on a drug charge by framing her, and using blackmail at the party). She comes up with a new plan on the spur of a moment, to expose Drea as a traitor to her friends, after blackmailing her into it. She crashes into Drea’s car (“a little love tap”), knowing that all her weak, pathetic, narcissistic friends will immediately rush to her side, so that she can get Drea back “in” with them and ruin all their lives (because they all participated in bullying her). She is very methodical in how she sets up Drea, leading her in a particular direction through pretending to need her help, planting ideas in her mind about revenge (and how they could help each other), stealing the spark plugs out of her car so that she’s forced to bum a ride, etc. But she’s also awkward with people and struggles to really know what to say or do around them (this forces her to rely on Drea for advice, although we aren’t really sure how much of that is a put-on for Drea’s sake, and how much of it is her genuine social awkwardness). She is also logical enough to hack into someone’s phone, steal all their images, and upload their text messages to an online server, to “share” when Drea sees fit (and tests her along the way, to find out whether she really wants to commit to the collateral damage or not). But mostly her motivations are pure Fi. Drea hurt her as a young girl and she has never gotten over it, so she wants payback. When pushed into therapy by her parents, because she can’t get over her feelings, she chooses a lizard rather than a furry animal, because that seems more like “me.” She does not want to change who she is to please anyone else, and worries that wearing clothes that aren’t “me” is going to erase part of herself. She says she wants Drea to suffer, because of how Drea made her suffer. But ultimately, Eleanor also decides to forgive her and abandon her plan to destroy her friend’s life, because of how she feels about her—she grew fond of her, they had fun together, and she was forming a meaningful connection to her. So once her feelings heal, she moves past them and chooses another path for herself—as Drea’s best friend. She has a highly active lower Se. Eleanor wasn’t sure how to get her revenge until she saw that Drea liked tennis camp, and then suggested to her parents that they let her attend as part of her therapy. There, she volunteered to play tennis with Drea, stole her spark plugs out of her car to get her stranded, then picked her up and made friends with her. Later, she crashes into her car to put her in the hospital. She opportunistically steals Drea’s ex’s phone by telling him it has spiders on it while he’s hallucinating, then hacks in and downloads of all of his information to spread around. Eleanor at first resists a makeover, but then gets into it, and enjoys looking hot and being part of the “in-crowd.”

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/sp

Eleanor is a very warm, likable girl right from the start, easily able to convince Drea that she is harmless and sweet and only means well. She often compromises to keep Drea happy, including changing her wardrobe (and becoming more invested in this new persona) even though it means compromising her sense of self in the process (“aren’t you afraid to be like other people?”). Her methods are all indirect, and she tries to keep things pleasant between them even when pushing her “best friend.” (She shows up and fixes Drea a burned breakfast, while calmly telling her how things are going to play out.) Eleanor, however, struggles to completely fully embrace her own plan – she just gets sucked into people. She finds Drea likable even though she’s a sociopath and recognizes herself in her; she doesn’t think Drea’s friends are all that bad, and is happy to be accepted among them and thrown a birthday party by them (and she’s genuinely upset that Drea forgot about her birthday, even though she reminded her yesterday). She gives Drea several chances to do the right thing—asking her if she is “sure” she wants to do this and have collateral damage—and then ultimately abandons her revenge plot, after seeing how badly Drea is treated by her ex-boyfriend (she records it all and then plays it for the student body) and feeling sorry for her. Her 8 wing shows flits of aggression and delight in having the upper hand in their relationship; she gleefully tells Drea what she’s going to do, and how it’s going to go down, and threatens to get her mom thrown in jail if she doesn’t sacrifice herself for Eleanor’s revenge. Even though she second-guesses her plan a couple of times, unsure if she wants to go through with it and hurt her new friend, she firmly commits to it, after Drea fails to treat her properly, showing a fierce determination to hoe her proverbial row… until she gives up completely and realizes that what she wants more than revenge… is a best friend.

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