Amelia lives moment to moment; she started in as a stewardess at eighteen and has spent twenty years moving around, meeting people, having one night stands, and avoiding settling down, even though she wants love more than anything. She wastes no time; whenever she feels anything for someone, she wants to act immediately on it (asking Viktor to dinner, then to lunch, taking him up on his date offer, etc). She also reads things on a surface level and believes whatever seems rational, such as misinterpreting him talking about living at the airport as being figurative and code for he comes through the airport all the time. Though she’s a kind woman, her own emotions take priority over everyone else’s – she is oblivious to Viktor’s needs and feelings, and she tries to warn him off her by saying she’s bad luck. She tries to walk out on their dinner date, because she’s still emotionally involved with another man. And despite Viktor having feelings for her, at the end she goes back to her boyfriend. She’s combative in how she accuses him of lying and lumps him in with “all men are the same—liars!” She is direct, forceful, and logical, but her intuition is poor; she has to see what Viktor has been up to for nine months, and to get hauled in to talk to Dixon, before she realizes that he has actually been stranded at the airport for so long.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Amelia finds it impossible to be on her own; she hasn’t broken up with her (married) boyfriend for two minutes before she is asking Viktor on a date, because she desperately needs a man in her life. She also says that she foolishly “roots for the home team,” even encouraging her married lover to get a marriage counselor and salvage his marriage, rather than asking him to give up his wife and be with her. She goes out of her way to help Viktor get a day pass, but admits that her boyfriend did it for her, and not out of generosity for Viktor. Bu the end of the film, she has gone back to her married lover, knowing that nothing about their relationship dynamic has changed—it’s better than being alone! She is glamorous and attractive, focuses mostly on drawing people to her, and has no moral hang-ups about dating a married man, because it’s what she wants and she finds him appealing.

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