Viktor come to NYC out of sentiment, to get the last autograph for his collection that his father started; it’s his way of paying tribute to him, and he won’t take no for an answer. He shows a great deal of patience in how long he is willing to wait (and how respectful he is of the rules of America) for this dream to come true. He also has a deep knowledge of carpentry and design, which he uses to earn a living after a while (one night, he just takes it upon himself to finish something someone else started; another night, he designs a whole new fountain system). Viktor is quite emotional over what has happened in his country, and also tries to please other people much of the time. He easily relates to and comforts Amelia when he finds her crying at the phones. He acts as a go-between (in exchange for food) between two people, facilitating their courtship and romance by being their intermediary. He is so pleasant and likable that everyone at the airport adores him, and supports him, and is on his side when it comes to him needing to break the airport rules and go outside the terminal. He also shows a lot of Ti. He is highly creative in how he designs a space for himself at the airport – he improvises and uses work-arounds a lot of the time, including lying and saying that a man is taking medicines home for his “goat” instead of his “father” (since he has read the blue forms and knows that you don’t need signed consent forms if the medication is for an animal), building himself a bed out of old airport seats, redesigning a fountain, and building a new corner in an unused part of the terminal. He also figures out how to return carts for quarters and get money for food after he loses his vouchers, and is willing to trade his service for food. He also uses his Ne in that way, to see what he could make out of things (what ELSE could this be?), and is creative and whimsical, but not particularly intellectual.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Viktor is the embodiment of calm persistence and stubbornness; after he lands in America and cannot leave the airport, he pleasantly deals with Dixon and everyone else whom he cannot understand, while insisting that he intends to go to a specific place in NYC to meet someone. Though Dixon sets him up to leave the airport and get caught by immigration (so he is “someone else’s problem”), Viktor abides by and obeys the ‘rules’ and does exactly what he’s told – not to leave the airport. He’s sweet and thoughtful to those around him, but also passive and rarely loses his temper, even when Dixon meanly deprives him of his source of quarters (and thus, of food). He shows infinite patience in how he fills out the same forms every day for nine months, always being ‘hopeful’ that there’s a chance he will get the right stamp on them (“there is 50/50 that you say yes” he says). He is agreeable and accommodating, but also stubborn and lost in his own head a lot of the time. He focuses on the good in people and on bringing it out in them, he tries to make amends whenever anyone is upset with him, and he takes them at their word, but he on occasion has a flit of fierceness. He has a total conviction of what he wants, and will accept nothing less. Though it take him a long time to break the rules.

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