Christian is far more physical than either of his companions; he falls in love at first sight with Roxanne and becomes so caught up in the emotions of the balcony scene, he almost gives himself away by shouting out that he wants to kiss her. Like all SeFi’s, the instant he feels something, he wants to act physically on it—it’s not about words and poetry to him, but about holding her in his arms, making physical love to her. He cannot compare to Cyrano in terms of love letters, because all of his metaphors are heavily sensual and sensory – about her face, and her lips, and how he loves her and wants to hold her, which don’t appeal to her intuitive ideas of romance. He immediately wants to fight when he gets to the barracks, to establish his place, then abandons that idea to follow Cyrano around and elicit his help in winning over a girl whose name he does not even know; he just saw her and ‘felt transported’ in the crowd. He is very Fi, in that he says he cannot share his feelings, or get them out of his mouth; and he is very Se, in that he cannot do so even in writing. It’s all about acting on them and showing her how he feels through his body. He doesn’t show much Te (except to accept that using another man’s love letters will get him what he wants; it’s a work-around for his own problem) or Ni. He doesn’t realize Cyrano loves Roxanne until just before his death, because he’s so focused on his own feelings in the present moment. But he does question some things, like why Cyrano is carrying around such romantic letters all the time!

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/so

Much like Roxanne, Christian is all about being in love, and falling in love at first sight, but his reasons are all based on how beautiful she is, rather than the poetry of her. He’s desperate to impress her and woo her and asks Cyrano to help him do so, but also feels like taking credit for another man’s words is “wrong” (his 1 wing’s super-ego, telling him to be honest). But he gives in, since he wants to be whatever she wants him to be and to connect to her with such desperation, he will ignore his own lack of articulateness in the process of winning her love.

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