Hiram is the ultimate businessman, a capitalist with a vision for what he wants to see happen; this means he’s always one step of his daughter Veronica, in all her attempts to undermine, outsmart, and outplay him. His driving motivation is expanding his business ventures and making money (whether that’s rum, casinos, or taking over the town of Riverdale in an attempt to kill it so he can build another town elsewhere). Money is behind all of his schemes, although he also makes room for revenge. Hiram is a big picture thinker, always looking ahead, anticipating his daughter’s moves, and reading into her intentions, often accurately. He can become so single-minded that he refuses to compromise or see things another way, and won’t reconsider any of his decisions—including putting a hit on Archie because he’s standing in his way and causing trouble. Hiram is also opportunistic and quick to react. He assumes he’s never going to get caught, so he does money-laundering, burns down half of Riverdale, sets a bomb in Archie’s house, and does many other illegal and risky things. His inferior Fi is his blind spot, though. He deeply loves his wife and daughter, but he is uncomfortable in admitting that to their faces. He substitutes expensive presents for emotional closeness, and causes his daughter to hate him so much, she has him killed. He loves a handful of people and wants to protect them, but also employs ‘tough love’ and tells Veronica to deal with her own problems when they arise. In the process, he shows a total lack of consideration for the collateral damage of his mistakes. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, much of the time.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Hiram’s main problem is that he always has to come out on top, even if it means crushing his daughter in the process—but as much as he loves her, he also sees their constant power struggle as indicative of their affection for each other. 8s can see fighting as foreplay or even a meaningful interaction, not realizing how devastating and upsetting it is for the other person involved. He tries to dominate her, give her the run-around, destroy her attempts to ‘spread her wings,’ and otherwise ‘strengthen’ her through a baptism of fire. In the process, though he loves his daughter and his wife, he drives both of them away from him –resulting in his wife leaving him for a reality show, and his daughter ultimately hating him so much, she orders a hit on him. Even his farewell to his daughter is about how much he cares about her, and how much fun he had fighting with her. But Hiram rarely said that in person or to her face, instead substituting power struggles for affection. His 7 wing is prominent. His wife says of him that he is always frustrated and never satisfied in his never-ending desire for ‘more’ and ‘better.’ He denies that he does anything wrong, ever, and refuses to see that his behavior is destructive to his relationships.

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