Toni has a vested interest in the poor kids at the school, because she was one, and that’s what causes her to get involved in their educations. She has a lot of compassion for kids who have been through experiences similar to her own (growing up in the streets, being poor, or from a minority), but also is fiercely individualistic. If anyone tells her what to do, she will often do the opposite. She doesn’t understand other characters’ need to fit in and compromise as much, because she takes a firm stand on what she knows is right for herself, whether that involves undertaking a ‘domestic’ situation with the father of her child or moving on from Cheryl after their relationship goes sour (she finds it hard to go against her grandmother’s wishes for her, and Cheryl rejects her because of this). Toni grew up on the street and is street-smart, often leading her ‘gang’ to do things to resolve situations quickly. She also owns a business—a local bar, and teams up with Veronica and her friends to combat the ‘big evil’ trying to take over the town in season six. Prior to becoming a mother, she was more physical, direct, and inclined to get into scraps, including killing a boy in a knife fight (she was aiming to wound his mother) in the ‘alternate’ Rivervale. But now that she has a baby to look after, Toni doesn’t want to take as many risks and thinks more about her future. She on several occasions talks about having a ‘bad feeling about this,’ or ‘there’s something more happening here than I have figured out yet,’ referencing her low Ni sixth sense. Toni is generally good-natured and kind, but can harshly put people in their place under pressure or when she gets upset. She shuts them down and tells them to take a hike, or refuses to go back to an old relationship once it has died, even when others try to initiate it. She tells off Cheryl for playing ‘games’ with people and trying to hurt her and her companions through a ‘key party,’ but didn’t realize it was happening at the time.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sx

Toni has a, compliant side that doesn’t want to disappoint those close to her, and who keeps her bisexuality a secret from her grandmother for a long time out of a desire to avoid emotional upheaval. She also complies with the woman’s wishes that she come home directly after prop and not spend the night with her girlfriend. She often looks for ways to negotiate with people, make nice, and get them to work together, to avoid unnecessary angst or conflict… and yet, her 8 wing fires up whenever anyone tries to push her around, or accuse her of being less than she is, or her gang is threatened. She will tolerate things only to a certain point, and then let people have it, either through instigating violence or telling them off directly. Toni is well-liked at the school by the students for being ‘fair’ but also can be tough on those she feels need corrected, and she refuses to let anyone steal her business from her, upping the stakes when she thinks Veronica is overstepping the line (by teaming up with Pop’s to offer live female entertainment in her bar).

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