Lord Mountbatten is first and foremost a logical man who is aware of how things work and who frowns on inefficiency and incompetency. He is appalled to find out the government is doing nothing to address the smog problem when people are dying and makes a trip to London to insist they do otherwise, using his influence with Elizabeth to pull strings. Elsewhere, he doesn’t see the purpose in sending Charles to an institution for which he is ill-equipped. He knows the future king is sensitive and would hate a military school, so he encourages his parents to let him attend an academic institution instead. This is Te, recognizing the facts of someone and building a future around them, rather than trying to force conformity (Philip’s Se/Fe wants Charles to conform and change himself into someone else, to ‘be strong’!). He does not show much in the way of middle functions, but does appear to be insightful, intuitive, and forward-thinking. He is decidedly non-traditional in his desire for the royal children to carry his nephew’s (and his) name into the future, to create a legacy of royal Mountbattens. He firmly believes that once Charles has ‘sewn his wild oats,’ he will settle into a proper marriage, but also encourages him to do so in his last letter between them. Mountbatten is highly social and active, often hosting grand parties and events at his country estate, going shooting, or traveling around the world. He cares deeply about his family, but rarely allows his personal feelings to get in the way of strategizing about how to take advantage of situations and act promptly.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Lord Mountbatten is a charming man who can easily make other people like him, who knows how to adapt to a situation in order to lead others in the way he wants to go, and who genuinely cares about Prince Charles. He doesn’t like Philip’s rigid way of parenting, because he can see it doesn’t suit the sensitive child. But he is also concerned about appearances and ambitious – wanting the future royal children to carry his name (going against tradition) and boasting about this at a dinner party full of guests several days after the king’s funeral. He also shows a lot of 2 wing tendencies. Philip calls him ‘interfering,’ but Mountbatten assumes he has a right to influence people, and help them navigate difficult situations—so he shows up to talk ‘sense’ into Elizabeth on several occasions, to advocate for her to move toward people, and to do something immediate to change public perception about them. (He worries about Churchill ignoring the fog problem as reflecting poorly on the monarchy and the government, and tells her she has every right to scold him.) Mountbatten shows his 2 most prominently in the episode where he eagerly responds to Charles’ letter, takes him clothes shopping, and excites him about attending Eaton College. He acts as a mentor and supporter to Charles, throughout their relationship.

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