Sarah has been hanging out and sleeping “upwind” of predators since she was twenty years old. She admits to Ian that she got tired of digging around in dirt for dusty bones, when she could be hands-on instead. She went to the island to gain experience and skillfully handles bad situations as they arise, keeping out of trouble using her survival instincts in the process. She doesn’t shy away from going there, even though Ian told her that Jurassic Park was a “nightmare” of blood and carnage. She went ahead of Ian to the island, because she didn’t want him to try and stop her, and she argues that his daughter will also be fine. She gets too close to dinosaurs much of the time, including operating on a T-Rex and figuring out a clever way to allow his bandage to fall off as he grows (using gum to stick it together). When she falls face first onto a glass plate over a cliff that cracks and potentially spells her doom but she knows to stay calm, while most people would just be screaming for help. She is full of dinosaur facts and able to make detached decisions; she knows it’s dangerous to bring the baby Rex back to the camper and warns her companion that he’s being foolish, but then goes along with it and figures out how to help the baby recover properly. When Ian protests her behavior, she points out that she’s the perfect girlfriend for him, since she’s “often on the road,” meaning he has commitment problems. She came to prove her theory that T-Rexes are family-oriented, unlike one author stated, and she refuses to go home until she finds evidence to support her findings. Sarah is generally likable, warm-hearted, and easy to get along with. Ian’s daughter absolutely loves her, because Sarah gives her the freedom to do whatever she likes. She tries to talk Ian down and out of him being ‘mad’ at her using charm and appeals. Through all of her adventures however, her inferior Ni is pretty blatant. Sarah knows all there is to be known about dinosaurs, but when she sees them for herself, all sense of caution is completely lost on her, throwing herself into one perilous situation to another where she has to get herself out of it or others have to rescue her. She not only completely underestimates the power of those beasts but also seems oblivious to the fact that Hammond’s nephew and Ingen has a selfish agenda for showing up on the island.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Sarah is always traveling and rarely home, as she chases adventures. She’s delighted to be on the island and eager to be hands-on with the dinosaurs. She thinks fast on her feet and has good arguments for why this wasn’t a stupid and why she’s not going home. She’s also somewhat defiant, and doesn’t listen to a word anyone else says—she’s assertive in stating her feelings and proactive in directly going for what she wants. She’s much less fearful than Ian, constantly taking risks while also being aware of the potential danger involved—such as when she tells him to ‘slow down’ so the Rex won’t lose sight of them while baiting it back to the ship with its baby.

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