Sabina has a powerful intellect and an instant ability to draw intuitive conclusions out of nowhere—she spends twenty minutes with Jung and his wife watching the data, and has accurate assumptions waiting for Jung afterward (she says the data pauses indicate that his wife is anxious about having a child, and unsure if she wants it; she’s also insecure in her marriage and… is she your wife?). She loves to discuss ideas with him and later comes up with many of her own complicated theories, all stemming from sexuality—as Jung says, in “direct opposition” to Freud’s theories (hers are the opposite). She wants to enter into a purely abstract field—psychoanalysis, and chooses child psychology after completing her coursework. Jung likes her, because she is more open-minded than Freud, but he also complains that she is “too idealistic” and “naïve.” She’s curious to hear his ideas and share her own; but also is, in his mind “free with her emotions.” She makes all-emotional decisions, including falling in love with him, enticing him into a romantic attachment, and arguing that their affair is okay, when all of society says it is not (it is an abuse of client-patient relations). She argues that they should do what they want and feel, whereas Jung, as a Fe user, asks of another patient (an ESFP), if they should not “repress our sexuality for the good of humanity” (Fe). Sabina loves to collect data and information on her patients, proves to be a decent student who aces most of her classes, and can be somewhat blunt under stress. She can sometimes just rattle off “the facts,” without caring as much about their impact. She shows a small amount of inferior Si in her strong memories of her past, and how she allows them to shape her current perceptions. She knows Jung’s “pattern of behavior” and accurately intuits that after dumping her, he has taken another mistress – “is she like me?” she asks, then goes down a check list of similar attributes (Jewish, a patient, etc), and arches her brow at his insistence that they aren’t “alike.”

Enneagram: 1w2 sx/so

Sabina is hard to type because she’s a hysteric, but she also has a lot of super-ego self-judgments happening about her “filthy thoughts.” She has driven herself into neurosis because she derives sexual pleasure from being beaten, and sees that as “hideous,” and “filthy,” and herself as a “bad person who can never, ever be let out of this place,” because of the moral danger she might pose. Sexual 1s can be drawn to explicitly sexual things, while sometimes also judging themselves harshly for it – and that, she does. She is angry most of the time—angry at herself, at her father, at Jung for leaving her and going off to attend other patients, for dumping her and taking another mistress. But she also wants to help people, and has a great need to connect—she’s emotional, tries to meet others’ needs, devastated to be dumped, eager to be a mother, and terribly angry and upset when she finds out Jung has lied to Freud about their relationship. She insists that he write Freud and admit the truth, because it has harmed her reputation and made her out to be a liar.

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