Amesh is the character in the series who is the most satisfied with simple pleasures—the thing he is most afraid of missing if he dies too soon is not being able to play the next video game that matters so much to him, or the new PlayStation, and he is elated when Cheri uses her mom’s film star connections to get an early prototype. He also is the only character to have a “bucket list” of things he wants to do, which includes getting high, among other things. ESTPs live in the moment and try to make every day count, and that’s what he does with Natsuki – when he realizes how he feels about her, they move on with a relationship even though both of them are sick, because they might not be alive in a month. ESTPs are also good with people, and so is Amesh – he accepts the facts of his short life soon coming to a close, but also cares about the friends around the table. He loves to entertain them with his stories, and is quite good at saying what they need or want to hear. His stories are more out there, and tied to what he fears won’t happen in his life—the physical experiences he is going to miss, the life he could have lead, about time travel and his need to have done something significant. But it also shows a warmth in him, the same warmth he extends to others. Amesh doesn’t have as much screen time as he deserves, but he’s good at respecting Natsuki’s needs and also being there for her if she requires it.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Amesh is optimistic and good natured, always ready to break up the tension with a good joke, and he tries to keep things light. He refuses to deal with serious matters on any level, and focuses on superficial things instead—like the biggest regret of his life is he won’t get to play the next video game. It’s a metaphor for his life, and how he won’t get to do any of the things he cares most about, but he focuses on it as something that comforts him. 7s can bury their feelings behind thinking about the “next thing” they are anticipating, and he’s using the release of games and equipment as a reason to keep on living. His story has his main character being so significant, he changed the future; and he has no explanation for certain miraculous events that happen in it. He is soft and considerate of others’ needs, protective of his friends, and attuned to them in a 7w6 way.

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