Natsuki’s most distinctive trait is her tendency to withdraw to others to meet her own needs and to process her feelings on her own, as IFPs are prone to do. She’s not afraid to turn people down who want to interact with her, such as Amesh when he shows up at her door and wants to do things together. Natsuki tells him that she is not feeling well, that she is sorry, and shuts the door in his face. IFPs are attuned to their own needs and boundaries, and think of themselves and their needs first, so she is okay with drawing this boundary with him and knows he will understand. She is highly introverted and hard to get to know, compared to the more socially engaged and active characters. Her story about the two murderous hitchhikers also shows a depth of feeling and a psychological twist, because in the end, the narrator realizes that her two hitchhikers are herself—bickering in her mind, wanting to live, wanting to die, her good and evil natures combined. The one that wants her to give up and the one that wants her to survive. Natsuki has woven her own feelings and her own experience of trying to commit suicide into a story of a different shape, in an attempt to explore and share it, and the hitchhikers are the result. INFPs are natural storytellers, who want to explore their own nature through their stories—they insert themselves into their narratives and in a way, a lot of their protagonists become extensions of themselves. She also sees things differently than her friends, and makes various remarks that suggest she prefers to view them from a different vantage point. INFPs also do this; the way they perceive reality is filtered through their feelings about it, and their storyteller lens.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

I chose 9 because it suits her quiet, forgiving nature, but also her sense of being stubborn in defending her own territory. Natsuki goes along with her friends and likes to participate, but also winds up on the outskirts a lot of the time—sitting quietly alone or lost in thought. She plays the role of an observer more than a participant, and is slow to share her stories until she’s sure of them. She is generally optimistic and sweet, and doesn’t take part in a lot of the arguments that erupt among her friends, as if doing so would taint her somehow. 9s like to avoid conflict to maintain their outer peace, so they will ignore what they do not want to deal with. She doesn’t like to shut people down, but will do so if she doesn’t want to be around them, such as gently turning down Amesh for a walk because she needs to rest. For a self-preservation 9, their body is their most important asset, they are in tune with how things make them feel, and they pull away from other people to process it. There’s not much evidence for a wing, but she does appear to be able to explore all of her feelings without guilt and express her anger easily.

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