Cheri doesn’t participate in most of the adventures the main character gets up to, so we don’t get to know her all that well, but both the nature of her stories (hands-on and engaged) and her physical presence indicate an SFP—she would rather play music than work, and insists that she is providing “ambiance” when others want her to participate. She is highly focused on aesthetics and appearances and cares about owning nice things—SFPs love to look good, because they pay attention to appearances and how things affect them on a sensory level. Rather than nurture Ilonka’s soul, she thinks about what would make her feel better and buys it for her—a wig that makes her prettier. FPs tend to pull away emotionally from people and remain hidden, and to some extent, Cheri does this. She doesn’t share her feelings readily, she stays in her room whenever Family Day happens because her parents never come, and she only admits after a long time that while she may be rich, getting a fatal diagnosis was the only time her parents paid any attention to her. It pains her that they don’t care about her, but she still accpts their presents and makes up lies about them to explain their absence.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

The “sin” of the 3 is “deceit,” and that’s certainly Cheri—she tells so many fantastical stories about her life, her parents, etc., that no one knows which ones to believe, since they all contradict each other. She’s a compulsive liar with a good heart, however. Most of her stories not-so-subtly reference the fact that her mother is famous and works with important people, which is important to a social 3 who wants to impress others. She lies and says she composes a beautiful piece of music (the others scoff and suggest that she most likely didn’t). 3s tend to think that without offering people something important or impressive, no one will care about them—and that’s what she’s doing, either anticipating important gifts from her parents or telling stories calculated to make people be impressed by her life. She shows a 2 wing tendency to be kind to others, though—she sends away for a super expensive wig for Ilonka to wear, and then makes no big deal of giving it to her; she just knew she would like one and needed it, so she would feel better about herself and look less shorn. She also reassures her friends that she cares about them, when they doubt that; and that they can trust that she loves them, even if she lies about other things.

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