Sandra is a sweet ISFJ who cares about her friends and wants to do what is best for all of them, but also feels a strong need to evangelize them or persuade them into sharing her thinking process. This is both because she’s a 6 (they need others to agree with and accept them to feel safe, so they gravitate toward like-minded people) and also because she is an FJ. FJs want an emotional consensus where everyone has a voice but are all serving a common goal, so they often want to persuade others to share their beliefs, join their cause, or to participate. Sandra, in this way, has found her faith and wants others to know the love, reassurance, and hope that it gives her, but she is also healthy in that she does not push where she is not wanted. She allows her care for others and her strong belief in compassion and love to shape her religion rather than the other way around. ISFJs often want to adapt to be appropriate to the times and she does that in choosing to go against traditional beliefs about sexuality; she is actually offended and upset to be lumped in with “those Christians,” and even writes a story to show the others how she feels about the topic. Like Kevin, she is creative but has a similar theme to all of her stories (the others tease her about it always being “angel porn” – and it’s true, she always ends on a hopeful note), showing the ISFJ tendency to believe the good in others and a desire to believe there’s more out there than is visible to the naked eye.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Sandra is a good example of a healthy 6. She is skeptical but open-minded, cautious when taking risks but also a loyal friend. Her faith, however, shows her 6-ness the most. Sandra has not just swallowed whole all the teachings of Christianity, but instead has carved out her own beliefs inside them. She tries to convince others to believe in Jesus, but also is tolerant of homosexuality. 6w5s are logical types who like to figure out their own beliefs, because they don’t want to be given the wrong information and mislead. They choose to study and think on their own in order to reach a consensus of what they believe, and then stand on that. She is still loyal to her faith, but has expanded it to include the concept of “love,” and “God is love.” I liked this depiction of a religious 6, because it’s not hollow, judgmental or critical—she has thought about what she believes and devoted her life to it. She also shows the fear-based thinking of the 6 in that she points out that Ilonka is foolish for introducing a bunch of auto-immune compromised people to a creepy, dark basement in which weird crap happens. She shows a 6’s typical loyalty in her choice to take part in the magical ritual and sacrifice, but she does it “in my own way” and “to make sure you guys are safe.”

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