Kevin is a fairly obvious ISFJ. He limits his intellectual creativity to his stories, which he prolongs because he doesn’t like endings and never feels quite ready to reach a definitive conclusion. ISFJs can be creative, but often feel the most confident dealing with a particular kind of story or revisiting the same kind of character—in his case, rather than inventing a new story each week, he follows one ongoing story in which the main character is a serial killer. He also gets sucked into doing what other people want to do, which is typical for ISFJs—they are so concerned with looking out for other people and their needs, they do not always assert themselves. For example, he’s in a lot of pain, but he gets dressed up to go to his girlfriend’s prom, because it means something to her. FJs prioritize other people’s feelings above their own and think about themselves in context to how they make others feel, and Kevin doesn’t want to hurt her, let her down, or make it hard for her to deal with his death, so he goes out of his way to hide the seriousness of his condition, he slathers on a ton of makeup so that she feels comfortable around him, and becomes upset at Ilonka for hurting her feelings by being rude to her. He immediately addresses how he feels to her, which is also normal for SFJs—they want to clear the air. He does forgive her mishap, but is slow to do trust her fully again. Like most of the club members, he’s interested in ideas about the afterlife but also skeptical about the outcome and whether anything exists, showing his desire to know more and be open to possibilities.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Enneagram 9 is the most obvious type for Kevin, since he seems mostly to go with the flow and accepts his fate as inevitable. He easily connects to Ilonka and talks to her the first time they meet, making her feel at home in a new environment and not pushing her buttons too much. His stories are all about a character being persuaded by his mother (and a demon) to murder the people he cares about—a psychological representation of his own tendency to merge into others’ ideas for his life and go along with them. 9s struggle to individuate and pull away from people, and he’s reluctant to pursue his own desires if they contradict what he knows others want. It’s not that he doesn’t know what he wants for himself (Ilonka), but that he won’t risk the upset it would bring to dump his girlfriend weeks or months ahead of his death. His friend has to push him toward doing it, and even then he is slow to respond. 9s can be resistant to others, but also adaptive to them. They are also slow to anger, as is he—but he does get mad when he catches Ilonka making his girlfriend cry because of her refusal to deal with her own feelings about her impending death (after her magical thinking has not played out). He wants do the right thing by others and keep his distance, but does so somewhat dispassionately—for example, confessing that he thought about telling Ilonka he was following her, but then realizing he had been doing it too long, and to confess now “would be creepy.” 9w1s want to do right by people, and he’s careful to do right by his girlfriend even when he feels drawn to Ilonka. He doesn’t pursue her romantically until he’s no longer attached.

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