Drover is a rational thinker who deals with reality ‘as it is’ and doesn’t like the idea of believing in ‘stories’ or ‘fanciful ideas.’ He pooh’s at Sarah’s “wild and crazy ideas,” because they seem insensible to him – not realistic or in touch with reality. He deals with things and life as it is, without any illusions about it—things and people are what they are, and to believe in any nonsense is irrational. He’s a bit of a traveling nomad until Sarah convinces him to stay on her cattle station, and even then he worries about what trouble she might get into when he’s gone on his drives. He loves to keep busy and moving, not to settle down in one place, but he’s also fully capable of handling a cattle drive with only a handful of amateurs as his stockmen. Drover does what he has to, to survive. He is opportunistic and easily provoked into brawls; he sleeps with Sarah at the end of the cattle drive, having come to know and respect her in their time spent together. He introduces her to the realities of Australia as well, and entertains the idea of a better life with her, one settled down more. He also has low Fe, in that he doesn’t know how to comfort people all that well, but knows when a child ‘needs mothering’ and tells her to go do it. But he has no real ideas about his future, and thinks that most intuition is hogwash—because it’s so far removed from reality.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Drover says that he doesn’t own things like most people, because he likes to keep moving. If someone provokes his temper, he will punch them in the face. He sometimes leaps into action to protect other people, but is more often a ‘tough talker,’ who doesn’t want people to make stupid decisions or have any illusions about how the world works. He hates anyone making decisions for him and becomes rebellious when people push him. He doesn’t like to be responsible for anyone or anything and doesn’t want to micromanage a child’s life becuase “he’s not my son.” No one intimidates him; he doesn’t mind going up against the most powerful stockman in the industry, or getting into a brawl rather than going to the dock to pick up Lady Sarah. He worries about leaving Sarah on her own in case she gets into trouble. His 7 wing is used to moving around and not settling down; he doesn’t want to get stuck anywhere, but is also optimistic about his chances and the future. His friend tells him that he is running away from getting hurt, since he’s scared of loss.

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