Sarah is fed up with her husband not making nearly enough money off their Australian ranch, and decides that she will go there, sell the property, and fetch him home to England. When she finds out he has died before her arrival, she takes over the running of the ranch and chooses to drive the cattle across the dessert herself, with the assistance of a Drover, after firing her stockman for lying and deceit, not to mention trying to hurt a local child. She likes to be in charge and is firm in all of her decisions; she knows the Drover is reliable and trustworthy, so she chooses to ask him to become her new stockman. She argues that just because things are the way they are, it doesn’t mean they should be that way, in an attempt to convince him to change his mind about being a free agent. (She wants him to escort her to the ball as well, but he says he’s little better in those rich people’s eyes than an aborigine.) Sarah is a little bit bound up in her own traditional thinking at first, but after some time in the outback, quickly adjusts to her new environment and wants to “finish what she started,” which is to run the cattle ranch successfully. She often gets a head full of “wild and crazy ideas” with her lower Ne, which Drover scoffs at—but she likes to pursue her ideas immediately, with the idea of implementing them. She is efficient, driven, and ambitious, but not all that aware of her personal feelings. When Drover tells her that a child who has just lost someone he loves needs her to be a “mother,” she confesses that she doesn’t know how to do that, and then awkwardly tries to “give you my condolences.” Rather than being emotional with him, she tells him about The Wizard of Oz instead.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

“Ambitious” is one way to describe Lady Sarah—she is confident, assertive, and won’t let anyone tell her what to do. She orders people off her ranch, confronts people about their bad behavior and terrible thinking (arguing that women do not forget their children, just because they are a different color than the rest of us; she also accuses white men of fathering black children), feels quite confident that she can run her own ranch, cross the never-never dessert, and compete with all the men in the cattle business. She won’t let people talk her out of going to Australia, or in competing with the most powerful man in the business. She’s also quite emotional in a way—reacting to everything without really being attached to her feelings in any way that interferes with her success. She becomes quite attached to the idea of keeping the cattle station because there are “people living there who I am responsible for” – her 2 wing feeling compelled to think of others, and do what’s best for them. She also intercedes for the little boy against the local authorities and acts as his surrogate mother when he loses his real one, because she sees a need and fills it.

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