Since losing his career due to being a drunkard, Jimmy has done nothing but drink, womanize, and be a general loser at life. When he’s given a female team to oversee in the hopes of redeeming himself (and pulling people to the games to see him), he almost blows it because he continues to waste his time and energy on momentary pleasures, namely, being a drunk. It’s only when he starts to see their talent that he wakes up, steps up, and makes something out of them. He eventually overcomes his alcoholism with Dottie’s help, but is still opportunistic, aggressive, and somewhat obnoxious. He at first doesn’t care about anyone but himself. When one of the girls cries after he yells at her, he uses himself as an example of why “there’s no crying in baseball” – he says he got screamed at by his coach in front of his parents, but did HE cry? NO! Though somewhat selfish and self-absorbed at first, Jimmy shows compassion later on, especially when a telegram from the war office arrives. He snatches it out of the man’s hand, throws him out of the room, and then gently breaks the news to one of his players that her husband has been killed in action. He makes sure she has a shoulder to cry on… and then tells everyone else to get on the field. He often is blunt, rude, and yells at people with his tert-Te, but he also uses it to make smart calls from the dugout. He eventually starts to plan strategies and helps them win games. He shows no Ni. Jimmy has lived his entire life all about feeling good and getting what he wants right now, and has not given two thoughts about his future or his legacy.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Jimmy is either always alienating people, or furious about something. At one point, after severely reaming one of the girls for missing a ball and throwing it to the wrong player, when she bursts into tears, he gets angry and bullies her about “there’s no crying in baseball!” It shows a significant improvement in him later when she makes the same mistake at an important game, and he goes through a series of intense self-repressions before he gently, nicely tells her that she needs to work on that next season (but as she walks away, he’s still mad). He is obnoxious at the start—when one of the girls asks him to sign her husband’s baseball card of himself, he rips it up and throws it away. He gets thrown off the field for calling the referee a penis wearing a hat. He regularly screams at the girls and even his prayer before the big game thanks God for a one night stand he had the night before. His 7 wing sees nothing wrong with what he’s doing, and is eager to earn money – when an angry employer tells him that they couldn’t pay him to be more obnoxious, he’s hopeful they would consider it. It takes him a long time to admit that he threw away his career (wasting “five years of my life on drinking”) and he would give anything to get even one day of it back.

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