Kit is opportunistic and loves to play baseball, because it’s a physical sport that involves her entire body. She’s a stellar pitcher, but not a great batter, because she can’t help trying to swing at everything. She is just sure it’s going to work and she’ll knock it out of the park! She begs her sister to go for the League; when her sister rejects the scout, she follows him outside the barn and offers herself as an alternative. She quickly integrates into a new environment, happily sneaks out with the rest of the girls to drink and hang out with men (where she’s pleased to get hit on for the first time in her life), and is willing to take risks, even ones that threaten her career—like living so much in the moment, she tackles another player and tries to beat her up, or going out on the town despite knowing any “unladylike behavior” could get her fired. Kit feels overlooked and underappreciated beside her sister, who she sees as far more glamorous than she is. She hates not being wanted and playing second base to Dottie, so she balks and contracts everything her sister tells her to do, leading to them fighting a lot. She just wants to stand out, be seen as independent, and make her own way in the world. She is easily emotional and rattled by her own failures, but also able to pull it together, ignore them, and go on to win games. She doesn’t show much forward thinking other than her desire to “get out of here,” since she can’t stand the idea of living her entire life in one place.

Enneagram: cp6w7 so/sp

Kit tends to massively overreact to everything, get angry about it, start fights, and sometimes get herself into trouble in the process, but she still knows that she’s getting nowhere fast without her sister. She begs Dottie to join the League so she can tag along, then feels intimidated to get there and see so many other girls that she has to beat to win a spot on the team. She’s elated to do so, but sometimes rattled when she has to face off against people she knows… such as her sister, after she’s been traded to another team. It upsets her so much that her sister hit a home run on her watch, she winds up in the dugout, shaking and almost in tears, and has to pull herself together to go out there to bat. She is more sensitive, full of angst, and nervous than she lets on, since she tries to present herself as an 8 as a self-protection method. She wants to come across as tough-talking. Instead of listening to her sister’s advice, she argues with her and makes excuses. In one game, after being insulted, Dottie threatens to attack another player—and then does so when her back is turned. Jimmy has to drag them apart, haul her into the shower, turn it on her full-blast, and tell her to “cool off.” When Dottie threatens to quit the team because she’s sick of fighting with Kit, and they trade Kit instead of Dottie, Kit confronts her, tells her off, and accuses her of having planned to get rid of her (showing her paranoia and distrust). Her 7 wing is excited about a new life, and doesn’t want to get stuck on a boring farm forever. She works hard and loves what she does, but also consistently makes the same mistakes without ever learning how to correct them. And she’s up for “fun” when the other girls suggest it; she sneaks out with them in the middle of the night to go dancing and get drunk.

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