Dottie loves baseball so much, she has become an expert at all aspects of the game, presumably a combination of extreme talent, skill, and also a Si-driven ability to focus, concentrate, and learn through repetition. She can play all positions well, and uses her advanced knowledge of the game, its strategies, and its players, to help her team get closer to the playoffs. When Jimmy doesn’t bother to give them a starting lineup, Dottie says it’s not that hard—and becomes their unofficial leader, telling the girls what to do and how to pitch, until he finally steps up and gets involved. Then, she quibbles with him about who the boss is, while looking askance at him for being a “drunken lout.” Though she loves the game, all she ultimately wants to be is a wife and mother—showing a Si-driven tendency to want to build something that lasts longer than a baseball game (a legacy through her children, by having a ‘normal life’). She is very driven and at times frank with the other players and their problems, but also doesn’t bother to force anyone else to go along with her values. She knows the girls are going to “poison” their watcher’s dinner (make her sick, so they can sneak out) and while she refuses to participate, she also doesn’t stop them and only goes after them when she knows being caught drinking and out and about with men is going to get them thrown out of the League. In the final game of the season, when her sister comes to bat, Dottie puts aside her personal feelings and gives the pitcher personal information about her sister, so that they can strike her out—it’s not personal, but business in her mind, even though it upsets her a little to see her sister get so upset. Later, she is reluctant to attend a reunion of the remaining living League members, since she doesn’t want the attention and doesn’t see what they did as anything special. She shows very little intuition, other than changing her mind on a dime several times when making decisions.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Dottie has a lot of opinions about everything and is very firm in her convictions, whether that involves refusing to go out dancing because “I am married” (and it would be wrong for me to indulge myself), or getting after her sister for trying to hit high, fast balls. She sometimes engages in screaming matches with her sister on the field, and it escalates to such an extent that she asks to be traded to another team, not realizing they will want to keep her, so they trade Kit instead. She wants to do the right thing by herself, and by her husband, but isn’t afraid to stand up to Jimmy and reform his behavior. She competes with him to tell the other players what to do (since she’s a natural leader), but then befriends him and gets him to stop drinking and clean up his act. She acts on her gut instincts always, including quitting the team (and then turning around and coming back for the playoffs, because she wouldn’t be able to live with herself otherwise). Provided something isn’t seen as wrong by Dottie, she will go along with it just to keep other people happy, including agreeing to play in the women’s league so that Kit can get her chance at the big time and “get out of here” (away from the farm).

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