Aurora makes a good nemesis for Klaus, and later in her series, for his daughter Hope, because she is unpredictable and chaotic in her loyalties, switching from one side to another as she sees potential in it. (In the final season of Legacies, she attacks Hope, then works with Lizzie against Hope, then works with the gods against Lizzie, then decides to save Hope’s life when a god tries to kill her, at the cost of her own immortal life.) In this way, throughout her appearances, she revises and alters her plans without warning as possibilities present themselves (stealing Rebecca’s body, sending it to the bottom of the sea, ensuring she and her brother have the coordinates, kidnapping and using Cami against Klaus, turning her, playing both sides in every situation, and changing her mind frequently). She blames her behavior on being ‘wrong in the head,’ but it’s also because she can’t make up her mind and stay there. As a human, she was naïve about Klaus and idealistic. She still continues to see her abusive brother Tristan in a positive light centuries later, and it’s not until Lizzie and then Hope point out what an abusive jerk he was that she learns to let go of him, and not want him back. When she resurfaces in Klaus’ life, she’s hopeful they can reestablish their connection and form a stronger union, and holds to an idealistic belief in greater possibilities. Aurora sees the connection he has for Cami, and accurately interprets it as romantic interest, but as being driven through fear of loss. She was a compassionate, sweet, tender-hearted human, who cared about other people’s feelings and in showing them tenderness. We still see glimpses of this, in how easily swayed she is by other people’s needs despite her intention to hurt them. She has pity for Hope, seeing how the god-dagger has hurt her, despite being tortured by her. Aurora’s emotional fragility led her to attempt suicide. Once turned, Aurora became neurotic, self-absorbed, possessive and unstable. She still cares deeply for Klaus, and her emotions toward him motivate many of her decisions. She acts on her feelings not to feed off others’ pain but to cause them pain, in retaliation for her own bitterness. But in the end, she finds her way back to her compassionate side, and sacrifices herself for Hope. Aurora’s tactics are good; she is rational enough to see the logic in her choices, and sane enough to make unshakable plans (if she steals an Original and hides them, then ensures neither she nor her brother has the total coordinates, she can keep both of them alive). Aurora doesn’t think through her decisions so much as act on her feelings. She carries a thousand year old torch for Klaus, reliving their better moments, choking in bitterness that Elijah separated them and compelled her to forget her true feelings; she want revenge for everything that has happened to her, and doesn’t hesitate to get it. Aurora sometimes overlooks the details of her plans and underestimates her enemies. She is also much, much too rooted in the past, both in over-romanticizing her relationship with Tristan and in holding onto previous lovers far beyond their expiration date.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Aurora says it herself, in Legacies—all she ever wanted was to be loved. It caused her to chase after Klaus, to cling to her brother, and over the centuries, has festered in her soul and turned her wrathful, in a full-blown disintegration into 8 aggression and a desire for revenge. She is erratic, emotional, and unstable, but anytime anyone appeals to her emotions, or makes her feel loved and needed, she tends to shift toward them. Aurora wants to be necessary to others; she needs to feel loved, and is easily seduced and sometimes manipulated. Her hatred of being alone means she finds it difficult to get on without her family. She cannot stand to see other vampires or humans being in pain; it drives her over the edge, into helping them. Her emotions are also messy and hard for her to control. She has a fierce, aggressive, and transformative 3 wing, often molding herself to be desirable in ways that she feels will appeal to the men she wants to attract. She falls into bed with a god, and tries to live up to his expectations for her, and tried to be ‘everything’ to Klaus during their romance.

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