Even before Cleo realizes that she is an oracle with the power to see the future, and then a Fury with the authority to temper the destruction of the gods, she is always thinking about and making plans for the future, and coming at it from unusual perspectives that differ from her classmates. She likes to ponder things and believes magic is neither good nor bad; it’s alignment is set by the user’s intention. She also keeps the big picture in mind, even when it threatens to cost her the person she holds most dear. When a god holds her boyfriend hostage and intends to kill him unless she turns over Hope, Cleo lets him die because she knows without Hope, the rest of humanity will be lost. She remains insistent in her desire to help Hope, after she has flipped the switch, to regain her humanity, even though Hope’s actions are all cruel and lead others to believe she must be killed. Cleo is excited, in the final episode, to sit in the headmaster’s chair behind the desk, and think about her future, which she feels will be in that particular seat. Though Cleo sometimes acts out of a wrathful place, she is always brought back to earth by the people involved. After Kaleb’s murder, she intends to kill all the gods in their sleep by massacring and burning them alive; until she sees their youngest sister and is faced with the inhumanity of that decision. She says she was able to make it, because it was only a thought, but seeing how it would hurt their loved one has forced her to make a different choice. Cleo also thinks in terms of what is best for everyone at the school, rather than just what she wants; she often says they have a duty to one another, to do what is right, and easily slips into a position of leadership despite being a loner. She deeply wants to understand what is going on, to get at people’s motivations, to explore her own powers, and make use of them, but also admits that she doesn’t know everything (like which one of her sculptures in her mind represents her ‘inspiration’). Cleo shows inferior Se in that she does not often put herself at the forefront of battle, but she does take enormous risks in her behavior—often going off alone, daring to walk through the mind of a god, and being caught off guard when she realizes he can trap her there and render her powerless.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Cleo is something of a loner who trusts her own mind, and makes decisions based on what she feels in her heart. She also feels a sense of obligation to others in how she treats them, and in the need to help them wherever she can, both as a social type and as a 9. She does not like conflict, but also does not back down from a fight when others bring it to her. She can be quite confrontational with the gods. When Cleo is stuck in Limbo, she sees her situation as hopeless and settles nicely into it. She knows it’s an illusion, but plays along because she assumes no one is coming to rescue her—a sense of ‘giving up’ on her own importance. It takes her time to work out how to escape, and how to manipulate the environment; but she leads others into mental mind traps who want to hurt her, as a way to block them off from influence, and she stubbornly resists anyone’s attempts to steal her inspiration.

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