Whyborn insults Coraline the first time he meets her, by assuming she came from someplace where it rains often and then making fun of her using a water divination rod. When she gets mad at him for this and accuses him of setting his cat on her, he calmly explains that it’s not his cat (of course, he feeds him every night and the cat brings him dead things…). He then rambles on about her name (not noticing that he’s upsetting her even more by mispronouncing it “Caroline” and how that can set ordinary people up for ordinary expectations). Whyburn thinks what she’s telling him about the alternate world is “crazy” and that she’s insane. He’s also imaginative and peculiar, saying the well is so deep, if you fell in it, you could look up and see the stars in the middle of the day. He has various theories for what happened to his grandmother’s sister (maybe she wasn’t stolen, maybe she just ran away). He says he and the cat (“we”) are hunting banana bugs (for unknown reasons), but then he has funny photos taken  him doing weird stuff with them (pretending they are boogers, etc). Whyborn generally doesn’t want to tick off people, even though he’s no good with reading their emotions or responding to their feelings. When his grandmother gets upset about him stealing and giving away the doll that looks like Coraline, he hunts for it back at the house and asks for its return. ITPs are generally uncomfortable with people’s emotions and want to avoid upheavals.

His Enneagram is unclear since he has such limited screen time, but he is probably an attachment type—he’s generally pleasant (if blunt) and wants to avoid conflict with his grandmother. When she gets upset, he tries to make things right for her. He’s worried about what to tell his grandmother, and what she thinks, and perks up when Coraline decides to be his friend. He’s either a 9 or a 6.

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