Mrs. White is a closed book. She doesn’t share secrets about anyone, she doesn’t admit to anything, and she mostly lurks and watches other people make fools of themselves. She doesn’t theorize on who did it or why, she just is present. And she admits that her emotions drive her into action, such as when she caught her husband with the maid and decided then and there to murder him in a jealous rage—and then later, she kills the maid at the first opportunity she gets when she finds her alone, strangling her with the rope she stole out of the closet. She does this in a house full of other people, which reveals she’s not concerned with being caught or exposed, and confident that she can get back to them all in time before anyone suspects her. ISFPs live and act on their feelings in the moment, and she’s unapologetic about hers. She’s quiet but consumed by whatever emotion is driving her, and despises anyone who gets in her way. She also murdered four other husbands, but never tells us why (presumably to get her hands on their money?), or how she managed to get away with multiple homicides. She delves into lower intuition when attempting to describe her feelings (saying that flames were coming out of the side of her face).

Enneagram: 4w5 sx/sp

4s don’t see any reason to be sociable or nice to people they hate, and allow themselves to experience whatever emotion they are having without self-censorship or judgment. Mrs. White falls into 4ish traits best, because she allowed her jealousy to consume her and drive her into violence, she sees no reason to even pretend to like anyone else in the house, and she easily asserts herself against others (telling Professor Plum to “get away from me” when he tries to “show her” a weird sexual position). She acts on her feelings all the time, but also remains deeply private, not revealing anything about her previous life or her marriages, except in little bits to shock her companions. She mostly observes rather than participates, and becomes fearful when she thinks her life is in danger, but never latches onto anyone else for support.

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