Spoilers. Wadsworth plays the role of a butler quite well, but as the “true ending” of the film reveals, he’s been the mastermind behind the chaos generated at the house since the beginning. He’s Mr. Body, and he has been blackmailing every one of the guests for years. Now that he has drained their bank accounts, he needs to get rid of the evidence against him by thinning out his informants, so he brings them all to the house and creates scenarios in which he knows people have motives to kill each other. He manages to get most of the guests to kill someone, thus ensuring that none of them will turn on him, and adding yet another way he can blackmail them, while at the same time getting rid of others who can implicate him. The entire situation is somewhat unorthodox, and he seems to get a great deal of pleasure from messing with and deceiving his guests, which is something a TP type is way more likely to do than a TJ type (since it exposes him as their blackmailer and leaves him vulnerable among them). He manages to go with the flow and feels comfortable not knowing exactly how the night is going to play out, as well as pretends to be someone else quite well, tricking them all in the process until the last few minutes of his life. He is callous in his lack of concern for others (more than likely a narcissist), but also meticulously detailed and “fussy” about the household he runs. When explaining what happened, he meticulously goes through every detail and drags them all around the house so that they can see the places the murders happened and hear his theories on who did what (it’s unclear if he solved those or suspected they would happen from the start, but either way, he plays them out for them, and gets a kick out of slapping people in the face and dragging them through the hall). It’s also an elaborate scheme he concocts just to get rid of his witnesses, rather than taking a more direct route that would better conceal his identity. He plays along with everyone else’s theories, ideas, and suggestions about what to do (allowing them to search the rooms alone and interact), and confidently adapts, which makes me think he’s an extrovert comfortable with going along with whatever unfolds in the environment. He is also good at pulling people’s strings and getting them to warm to him or playing to their fears by pretending to be agreeable, which suits higher Fe.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Wadsworth’s motivations are unclear beyond murder, mayhem, and money, but for the most part, he “goes with the flow” and has no problem adjusting to new situations. He tries to calm people down all the time and get them to stop being hysterical, while dropping in mean-spirited barbs. As we find out the twist ending, he reveals a darker, more sadistic, power-hungry side which has reveled in knowing secrets about all of them, keeping them under his thumb, and watching them kill each other—all according to his greater design. He intends to keep blackmailing them all indefinitely in the future. Delighting in being the most powerful person in the room is an 8 trait, but he’s too adaptable, fake, and friendly to be anything but a 9 core. Sp/So because his motivations are financial, but when he needs something done, he assembles a group (in this case, his victims) to do his dirty work for him.

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