ESFJs are often involved in the lives of everyone they meet, and Bronwyn is no exception—she is well-liked in the towns, but also turns into a “girl boss” who mobilizes people to protect their town when it’s threatened by orcs. She gives rousing speeches to bring people together with the intent of uniting them under a common goal, and reminding them of their responsibility to each other—something ESFJs take seriously. She sees herself in terms of her community, and how much she participates in it, and what she owes other people—something that many ESFJs who are 2s struggle with (knowing when to step back and stop giving). She also keeps her romance with Arondir a secret, because it’s frowned on in the society in which they live; ESFJs are willing to go along with what makes others comfortable, out of a desire to be liked and not alienate others. She knows a great deal about hers and her trade as a midwife and a healer, which comes in useful in battle, but is also tied directly to her community and her intense feelings about preserving what has always been; something ESFJs care deeply about. She likes to take immediate action and isn’t afraid to take risks, but also doesn’t theorize much about the motivations behind anything, since she prefers to focus on what’s right in front of her. Bronwyn isn’t very good at thinking strategically, either – it’s Arondir’s idea to collapse the tower on the orcs and thin their numbers before attacking the rest of them and trapping them within a wall of fire.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Bronwyn dedicates her life to serving and helping others, as a healer, but also easily takes up a position as a leader in her community, and expects others to listen to her because she knows what she’s talking about. 2w1s can often feel they know what is best for others, and in her eyes, that’s to bond together and fight to protect their own. She is horrified when half the citizens leave, and later to find out, they have been fighting and killing their own kind instead of orcs; when she is pierced with an arrow and may die from it, she tells her son to “tend to” someone else first, seeing him as more important than herself—in actuality, something a 2 might do out of a sense that they “ought” to be selfless right up until they draw their last breath. She tries to compromise to keep people happy, but also can be violent when roused and determined to protect those she cares about—showing how she uses her line to 8 to become aggressive under threat. 2w1s are more typically “healers” than 2w3s, since it requires a lot of hands-on service, none of which she minds doing. She prioritizes her community and turns to them to get things done, showing her social focus.

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