Arondir fits the “quiet, emotional and risk-taking type well,” since he has fallen in love with a human (somewhat frowned on among the Elves) and won’t listen to anyone who tells him to seek affection elsewhere, but he is also opportunistic and takes risks without fully thinking of the dangers involved, such as when he finds cows giving black milk and goes to investigate what’s happening in the tunnels beneath the towns … alone. He’s captured and taken to work for the orcs, where he tries to escape and participates in a coup which winds up getting several of his friends killed. When the orcs send him back to the humans with a message, he insists on staying and fighting for the human lives rather than giving up the tower. He’s skilled, but also living for the moment and his feelings of right and wrong. ISFPs act on what they feel is right, and he does this numerous times—with his reluctance to cut down a tree, with his love for Bronwyn, his insistence upon risking his life to stay with the humans, and his attempts to win over her son Theo, who is even more of a risk-taker than Arondir! He is largely quiet about his feelings; IFPs don’t share their thoughts and feelings so much as act on them, and he never once expresses his love except through compassion and his presence. He’s a skilled fighter who manages to stay alive during battle, but often prefers to allow others to lead – IFPs aren’t completely sure of themselves in the leadership department due to their struggles to connect to their lowest function.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Arondir doesn’t go against people that often, and tries to smooth over discord rather than get entangled up in it, but also isn’t above standing up for what he believes or fighting off orcs. He isn’t a coward and will not back down from his beliefs. Others try to convince him to give up his sense of responsibility for humans, or to leave Bronwyn behind, and he doesn’t argue with them—he just doesn’t do what they say, either. 9w8s can be stubborn in going their own way, making their own decisions, and aren’t terribly concerned with what others think about them. He does, however, want Theo to like him, for his mother’s sake and for his own, and goes out of his way to try to protect and mentor the boy.

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