Poppy is warm, energetic, enthusiastic, and good-natured, but also aware of what’s appropriate to the time and place in a way that Nori isn’t. She will adapt to what others want from her, including in her willingness to be supportive of Nori and help her care for and even hide the Stranger. She’s quite good with children in keeping them calm, and she often tells people what they want to hear or encourages them to keep their spirits up, since she feels obligated to be cheerful for their sake. ESFJs are good with handling people’s feelings, but more grounded than their idealistic ENFP friends—and she and Nori show this contrast quite well. Nori believes without proof that the Stranger is “good,” but Poppy is more down to earth and skeptical. Nori risks it all on that belief, but Poppy worries that it might have consequences. She doesn’t understand this blind faith without evidence, since SFJs seek certainty and trust what is known to them already. Poppy does this in how while she’s willing to break with Harfoot tradition, she is also aware of and respectful of what it signifies. It’s their way of life as a community and she doesn’t want to abandon it fully in pursuit of a wild flight of imagination. She’s a lot like Sam Gamgee in how she goes along with others and protects them, but has no real interest in ideas for their own sake, and many of her speculations are fearful ones. Intuition in SJs can often be negative in its focus, since they aren’t sure what the future holds.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Poppy is way more cautious than Nori, and less inclined to leap into things without thinking about them first. When the Stranger crash lands in a pit of fire in front of them, she wants to turn around and leave—so that they will be safe. She doesn’t like the idea of bringing him home, of lying to their friends about him, and yet is so loyal to Nori, she goes along with it just to keep her happy. She’s more fearful in general, is more concerned with the threats the world contains (such as wargs and wolves and the unknown lands ahead of them), and yet will brave scary situations for her friends—as any good 6 will. She’s also funny, optimistic at times, able to talk people into optimism, and wants to give the Stranger a second chance. Though she shies away from leadership, at the end of the first season she realizes she could lead them, and decides to do so and be the Pathfinder. In the process, she allows Nori to go off without her. This shows she has grown in her self-confidence and needs other people less.

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