ENFPs like to believe the best of others and give them endless chances at redemption. They also trust their insights into others, even when there is no proof to back up their claims—and that’s what Nori does with the Stranger. He falls out of the sky in a ball of fire, and she just “knows” she is meant to take care of him, and that he’s someone special and significant. She clings stubbornly to this belief even after he does things that scare the other Harfoots, arguing that he is “good,” and that she has to protect him. She’s unafraid to take risks in the process, and looks for “good magic” from him, in the earnest belief that it’s there. She protects him as best she can from the creepy strangers who come after him, and then is excited to go with him—but also a little sad to walk away from her family. ENPs are enthusiastic dreamers, but can also feel attached to what they’ve always known—their family, their lifestyle, or their friends. It can be scary for them to step outside their comfort zones, but Nori does it when she sets out with the Stranger at the end of the season. Her emotions are independent from others, in that she doesn’t allow their pessimism to affect her thinking, or how she treats others. She is cheerful and good-natured, but also emotionally withdrawn and processes things on her own, sometimes running away from situations rather than talk about them. EFPs care about those around them, but are self-contained emotionally—a bit distant in that regard. And they will go against tradition, cultural norms, or other people to uphold a personal virtue, which she does in defending the Stranger from their allegations and in choosing to befriend him where others would not.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Nori is a pretty good example of this type, in that she’s assertive, self-confident, idealistic, and convinced that the Stranger is worth saving, showing all the good traits of a 7, but also attached to her family, fearful, and reactive through her 6 wing. She takes risks more than a 6w7 would, but also feels a little reluctant to abandon her family and go off with the Stranger at the end of the first season, even after they encourage her to do so. She wavers constantly between knowing the Stranger is good, and second-guessing herself when he does something she does not understand or that hurts her or someone she cares about. She’s convinced most of the time that she’s going to be okay, it will all turn out all right, and that she can lead the others if necessary. Then she will turn around and listen to the elders, or obey her father, or fret about leaving the life she has known… but her ultimate desire is freedom and to do things her own way.

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