Halbrand is tricky to type, because he’s insincere; he sells himself as a humble worker of metals, a blacksmith with skills, but in reality, he is masterminding events and manipulating Galadriel throughout. ENTPs are just as opportunistic as ESTPs in that regard, but they have a bigger picture in mind—and that’s what Sauron is up to, using Galadriel to get himself back to Middle-earth and into a powerful position where he can be influential, while his minions create Mordor to welcome him. When she catches him at it (finally), he tries to sell her a dream of them being powerful rulers together, and talks about how he wants to “heal” the damage he has done and is truly sorry. But he’s been maneuvering her into position this entire time—giving her advice in Numenor that he knows will get her further with the queen than her usual “show up and make demands” methods (he tells her that going along with people gets you what you want). ETPs can be very persuasive and charming when they want to be, since they can see humans as “tools” they can hack to get their way—and that’s what Sauron has been doing; hacking the little humans, figuring out what they want and what makes them tick, and then knowing what to say or do to provoke the reaction he wants to get out of them. He has little regard for how things are done, except in knowing how to use it to his own advantage, which is also common in low Si users – ENPs may not care about tradition, but they know they can’t break away from it entirely when it’s useful… and it’s very useful to Sauron to be mistaken for the last man in a line of kings.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Deceit might as well be Sauron’s middle name. He “becomes” and “acts like” whatever he needs to, in order to convince others of his importance. He first appears to Galadriel on the sea, and pretends to be a suspicious nobody, then gradually eases her into his confidence. He drops a subtle hint about being in the line of kings, then lies to her about not wanting any part of returning to Middle-earth; he pretends to be more passive and gentle than he turns out to be (he turns on people and kills them for attacking him for not being in the Guild). He inspires an Elf-craftsman with the idea of making Rings of Power, and then when Galadriel confronts him about being her mortal enemy, “Halbrand” doesn’t deny it, but tries to convince her to rule at his side, to become his queen. He tells her he just wants to undo all the evil he did in Middle-earth… a 3w2 can be very deceptive, charming, and persuasive, coming across as likable even when their intentions are impure. He uses his “helpfulness” as a selling point in his deceit; he’s just helping her survive, he wants to help out in Middle-earth, if him becoming king will rescue people, well…

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