Elrond is a good deal wiser than Galadriel—he has a longer range of vision in how he sees her behavior (and his) affecting the future of their race, and is far more accommodating of others and their emotional needs. He participates in all the expected behaviors among the Dwarves, tolerates their dislike of the Elves without protest, and even intentionally loses at a competition so that Durin can be seen to triumph over him (what he knows will please the other dwarves). IFJs are very committed to doing right by other types, and in thinking about what is needed from them and what would be best for others, and Elrond is a healthy example of an Elf who considers others in his decisions, tries to work for the common good, and is thoughtful and analytical. He thinks things through carefully, in the service of what he sees as best for the future for all involved, and is highly accommodating but also detached enough to not allow his personal feelings to get in the way of what’s best for all involved (ultimately respecting the dwarves’ wishes, but also trying to help the Elves survive).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Elrond believes in doing the right thing, according to himself and others – he does not want to go back on his word or defeat his honor by betraying a confidence given to Durin, even to please his king, but then feels torn between a need to keep that promise and be honest about what he knows that could help rescue the Elves from oblivion. The idea that he could come between Durin and his father bothers him, so he does not press the issue, and encourages his friend to make up with his father and find common ground. 1w2s are principled, dutiful, and forgiving of the flaws in others. He shows a 2ish adaptability in how he wants to be liked, is gracious with his compliments, and plays along with the traditions of the dwarves so his friend can save face.

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