INTJs are the automatic strategic long-term thinkers in any situation, and Ser Otto shows this tendency from his very first moments on screen, as he advises long-term thinking to the king and is rational enough to make an objective decision about the queen’s fate (they should save the child if possible). He comes across as cold to his daughter, and others outside the Council, because he automatically thinks about the future, and what they can do in the present to make it come about the way he wants it to. He sees Daemon as a loose cannon that has to be neutralized, he advocates for a male line of succession (against the king’s wishes, since he favors his daughter), and he sends his own daughter in to seduce the king as a teenager (he tells her to go ‘comfort’ him, knowing that in his emotional state, they can get their hooks into the throne and then his daughter may become the queen, which is exactly what happens). His council is wise and not wrong, even if it may seem callous to other characters, who want to make more emotional decisions (the king, for one). In his position as chess-player, he doesn’t put himself at any risk in any of his business arrangements; he watches, waits, and participates from the shadows, pulling the strings behind those in power rather than being visible while doing it.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Ser Otto is highly ambitious, and already thinking about how to advance his family when the queen dies; he tells his daughter to go ‘comfort the king,’ knowing that her sweetness will win him over. But his progressive tendency to put himself into a position of power eventually causes the king to tire of his meddling and gets him temporarily banished from court. He thinks strategically about how to advance his own cause, get his family into power, secure their place on the throne, and work against their enemies, out of a sense of his own importance, worth, and divine right to rule, because he sees himself as intelligent and shrewd. As an assertive type, he steps on people’s toes but doesn’t much care for their opinions of him, provided he gets what he wants.

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