There’s a marked difference between the gentle, sweet Alicent of the first few episodes of the season, a supportive friend, obedient to her father and kind toward the king, and the more assertive, ruthless, and scheming Alicent of the second half of the season, after a crown sits on her head. Like an lot of ISFJ antagonists, she starts out as obedient to others and allowing them to strategize for her; she does what her father wishes, tries to bring peace between her best friend and the king, and adopts easily her ‘duties’ as queen. She cares about having her friend’s approval and doesn’t want her new position to come between them; but power corrupts, and her intense need to be right, to have her sons in the line of succession, and to ensure her friend doesn’t turn on them after the king’s death becomes her motivating factor as she becomes paranoid. Alicent is obsessed with bloodlines and her family, a common SJ trope – she understands that royalty lasts, and that the line of succession is important, which means she also understands that the princess’ adultery has polluted the royal bloodline and weakened it, making them vulnerable to their enemies. She’s counting on this being a motivating factor in placing her own children on the throne, instead of the “adulterous” princess her husband prefers. Alicent can be properly Fe when she wants to be – seeing herself in terms of her duty, and in the roles she fills in the lives of those important to her; feeling responsible to the public, and wanting to be a good queen; or she can be manipulative, conniving, and insincere, lying to people’s faces and scheming behind their backs to get what she wants. She shows some big picture thinking in terms of planning for her future, but it’s all rooted in what seems possible based on the present situation.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Alicent is very focused on honor, morals, and ethics, but also justifies her decisions as being in the right. This puts her at odds with the princess and her former best friend, because she weaponizes what she knows about her adultery to use against her at court, in an attempt to discredit her and gain a more advantageous position for her own children within the line of succession. Alicent is forever drawing attention to Rhaynera’s misdeeds, and frowning on her behavior; she thinks her former best friend should be more appropriate, and considerate of the needs of ‘the realm’ and ‘the court.’ She pushes her as a teenager to be more attentive to her father, to public opinion, and to doing what’s expected of her, but becomes more antagonistic toward her as the series progresses, until they are on opposite sides of a war of succession. She isn’t respectful of her son’s boundaries, and demands retribution for the loss of one of her children’s eyes in a childhood prank gone wrong, to the extent that she draws a knife on the princess. Her temper sometimes gets the best of her, but it was her sweet, gentle and helpful nature that first drew the king’s attention to her. Alicent saw herself as useful, helpful, and as a good person, which makes her something of a dangerous hypocrite when she becomes obsessed with ensuring the survival of her children.

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