ESTPs survive best in this world of blood, slaughter, and enemies ready to betray you at every turn. Daemon is the bolder, more proactive of the brothers in line for the throne; he is everything that his introverted, emotional king-brother is not—Daemon goes out and fights on actual battlefields, he rides dragons, he womanizes, he murders his wife because she’s a bore who hates him, he takes his niece to a brothel to show her pleasure (and almost takes advantage of her) and then later beds her as an adult, heedless of the consequences. And because he has a personality larger than life, he gets away with most things and is generally well liked. He’s strategic, thoughtful in terms of deciding the rational course of action, and in many ways, utterly ruthless in protecting his own. But he also has a sense of loyalty to his brother, a desire to contribute to the realm, and an ability to win over his enemies through charming conversation. Daemon occasionally talks about the future, but seems more utterly lost to the present.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

8w7s are known for their intensity, their drive, their desire to do great things, and their unbending nature, and that sums up Daemon in a nutshell. He wants to do great things, he often takes enormous risks, and he goes hard after whatever he wants, whether that means bedding and marrying his niece or taking on a blood-soaked battlefield by screaming at his enemy to come and face him, not hide like a coward. He kills his wife to free himself of her, so he can marry another woman, under the assumption no one will prove he did it. After his brother sends him away, he gets involved in a war over a hunk of rock that lasts for many years, and then thinks his brother a fool not to defend it. Ser Otto considers him a problem, but Daemon is not afraid of him, and he is also far more aggressive and willing to do harm than his wife/niece, because he’s able to face the risks involved in their precarious position. It’s hard for him to admit to any weakness, and he hates feeling vulnerable, so he covers it up with arrogance, ambition, and bravado.

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