Rhaenrya is withdrawn, thoughtful, and likes to think before she acts. She isn’t super impulsive in that she doesn’t want to create a war that could have unintended consequences, and she argues with Daemon against immediate action (telling someone that she needs to think, and he will have his answer tomorrow). Even though it makes her feel displaced, she accepts that rationally, her father probably needs a male heir for the succession; and she would rather ride her dragons and read anyway. She points out that they were foolish not to defend the coastal territories that Daemon won for them, and that it has since descended into anarchy, but she did nothing to further that cause within the Council, being subservient to others’ authority in the process. She agrees to get married to a person of her father’s choosing, with the understanding that each of them can find happiness “elsewhere” (through affairs). To marry Daemon, she realizes that her husband must be “dead,” so she arranges for his “murder” (in actuality, giving him another life somewhere else and the freedom he craves). She shows a lot of low Fe behaviors as well—being generally likable, willing to compromise, considerate of others’ needs, and attempting to live up to what her subjects want from her, and what her father desired from her behaviors. She submits to him and his authority, while not being super emotional or in touch with her own needs. She does become emotional over the loss of a child, and lashes out in a rage, but most of the time is sensible, holds back, and considers things, even when others insult her to her face. Rhaenrya also demonstrates a tendency to live in the moment. She prefers her dragons to council meetings, she slips away to read in the garden rather than attend parties. Once shown what sex is like in a brothel, she seduces her guard that same night. She conducts a long-term affair with one of the King’s Guard, resulting in dark-haired but pale-skinned children (an obvious giveaway that they aren’t her husband’s), but it never occurs to her to worry about this until she’s almost exposed. Rhaenrya tends to do this a lot—take some action in the present that has long-term consequences, which catch up to her shortly, then start worrying about and fixating on her future and trying to figure out how to fix her impulsive decision.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx

Rhaenyra is incredibly passive most of the time. She doesn’t object when her father considers not making her his heir, and leaves it up to him to decide; she goes along with her best friend marrying him and becoming the queen, and then whenever they conflict as adults, tries to reason with her and talk her down instead of retaliating against her. She doesn’t want people mad at her, upset with her, or to disrupt her peace, but can also be stubborn and defiant, such as insisting she walk to the queen’s chambers and show off her child just after giving birth, instead of sending a servant with the baby. She makes peace as much as she can, doesn’t want to attack prematurely, and then “loses it” when her family is threatened or her son killed; she will retaliate with violence when necessary, but also just calmly fend off other people’s attacks. She also has a habit of doing whatever she wants in the moment, and then not thinking about the consequences until later, when she starts to freak out about putting herself and her loved ones at risk because now people are talking about her in a negative way, which shows a line to 6 in how she over-relies on Daemon to make decisions for her, and protect her and the children, and also only frets about their safety and survival when it becomes essential. She’s more likely to move somewhere else to avoid the people she hates at court than to confront them and demand their allegiance.

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