Rose filters everything through her feelings and is highly sensitive, but also not exactly to catch onto things sometimes… she goes along with what the others want, and figures it out while doing it. INFPs can struggle to keep up with events as they unfold, since there’s no function orienting them to the present moment—they can feel like they are playing catch up, or didn’t get the same set of instructions as other people, and that’s what Rose deals with much of the time. She chose design because she loves it, but truthfully, her innovations aren’t all that fashionable and prove to be more quirky than cool. She shows up wearing strange clothes, out of her intuitive sense of what is “fashionable,” and is oblivious to how others respond to it. But she’s also willing to take risks in pursuit of her goals, and get on board with a massive heist. She clumsily thinks on her feet, mostly relying on drawing out moments to get things done—other characters often think faster than she does, and help get her out of scrapes (“Rose, didn’t you say you wanted to see the necklace in natural light?”).

Enneagram: 4w3 so/sp

Rose doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but the first time we meet her, she’s terribly upset about a bad review and wallowing about it, by drowning her sorrows in a pint of almond butter. 4w3s are very emotional, highly sensitive, and focused on what’s going wrong in her life, and she is ignoring her relative amount of success in order to focus on her perceived failure. Lou and Debbie win her over by promising her another shot at success (not to mention the money she needs to pay off her enormous debts and get her out of trouble with the IRS). She wants to be successful, and is able to force herself to “act” in order to get others on board—she comforts Daphne with fake niceness and flattery to convince her to keep her on as a designer, showing an ability to switch out of angst mode into a goal-oriented person. She’s also happiest when she’s doing her own thing and bringing unique designs to the table (even if some of them are pretty… uh… interesting).

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