ENTPs are very intuitive and perceptive, and catch on to things quickly—and although Daphne leads us (the audience) on for a while, she catches onto what they are up to right away. She figures out there’s some sort of scam happening and wants in on it, which shows an amoral tendency toward skewing situations to her advantage. ETP types can be opportunists, not concerned with how ‘moral’ their actions are provided a situation gives them a financial advantage—and once she knows what the game is all about, she happily plays her part… for a chunk of the change, of course. Daphne uses her lower feeling function to manipulate situations to her advantage, play off people’s feelings, excuse her own behavior, and make up stories to distract people with. She leads on Debbie’s ex into thinking she is into him, then undermines him and walks away without a concern in the world.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Daphne is a highly successful actress who confidently says she can recognize bad acting when she sees it, and who doesn’t mind shape-shifting to play whatever role she needs to, in order to get what she wants. She plays the role of a dumb actress when it suits her, but also is fiercely competitive enough to steal a designer away from her mortal enemy out of sheer jealousy, which plays right into their hands. She fakes being interested in Debbie’s ex and leads him on with intimate games, both for the fun of it and to frame him for stealing the diamonds. She can be somewhat melodramatic at times, over-reacting to seeing herself as “fat,” but she’s easily reassured that she’s special and has many unique qualities. 3w4s are oriented toward success and elitism, and it pleases her to wear an expensive diamond necklace that will be the envy of everyone else at the gala.

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