ISTPs are cautious and logical, but also willing to go for things and take risks once they’re sure it will play out to their advantage, and that’s Lou in a nutshell. She looks for ways to exploit systems and then makes the most of them—whether that means ripping off drunks (“why do I want vodka and water? Because when you’re drunk, it tastes like vodka!”) in her bar, or strategically hiring people to help her still billions of dollars in gemstones out from under the nose of numerous security teams. She relentlessly questions Debbie about her plans to make sure they are logical, and then gets involved in making them happen by finding people to fulfill the roles Debbie needs filled. Her criminal attachments in the underworld come in handy, but otherwise she’s not much of a people person. Lou can put on charm when she needs it, to convince someone to join their case, but is emotionally repressed, for the most part. She sees an opportunity to get involved and get a huge payoff and takes it—but mostly works behind the scenes and takes a minor role rather than being out in front. She also quickly discerns Debbie’s desire to frame her ex for their crimes, and says she wants nothing to do with it, if that’s what Debbie is up to, showing an ability to read between the lines and sense what’s going on behind the obvious.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Lou is a confident and assertive woman, who has no problems ripping off her bar customers but also cares about doing something else, and is willing to risk a great deal to pull off a massive stunt. When the math doesn’t add up at the end of the day, she asks if Daphne thinks they are “chumps,” as in they would only steal one necklace from the gala—they got away with all of them. She’s brassy and fast-thinking, but also aware of the ways they could get caught and willing to find work-arounds. 7w8s tend to go hard after what they want, and be unapologetic about it—there’s no super-ego influence telling them that what they want is wrong or bad, and she plays this out in her criminal behaviors and the absolute joy she takes in pulling off such a great heist.

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