Debbie is a good example of an ENTJ in that she’s a long term planner who has prematurely figured out every way things could go wrong and already fixed it in her mind once she gets out of prison and before she launches her plan, but she is also opportunistic and able to improvise in the moment with no warning. She just needs people to delegate tasks to, based on their skill set, and she has no trouble selecting them. She picks them for what they can offer her, rather than by any subjective method. She got herself thrown into solitary, so she could go over what she wanted in her head and refine it; she says that “each time I got caught, I fixed it,” and by the time she gets out of jail, she’s sure they’re going to get away with it, because she has imagined every single contingency (Ni) and planned (Te) for it. Debbie has a very specific plan for exactly how she intends to pull off the heist; she just needs people to “slot into place” and carry out their tasks for her – and it’s a much, much bigger and involved con than anyone realized. She’s not opposed to being physically involved, and doesn’t mind risks. After she gets out of jail, she improvises—stealing things in a department store and trying to pass them off as a return, then getting them into a bag so it doesn’t look suspicious, which lets her get into a hotel, where she pretends to be someone she’s not in order to re-check into a room and live off someone else’s hotel bill. She’s quite good at coming up with excuses for her behavior to distract the guards or make up some story to distract people long enough for her friends to get away. Her inferior Fi drives her through both a sense of loyalty to her brother (one last big con in his honor) and personal revenge (anger over being framed). Debbie gives herself a motivating speech in the bathroom before she goes “all in” – derived, no doubt, from her own personal experiences (“Somewhere is a little girl dreaming of being a criminal; do it for her!”). 

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Debbie isn’t afraid of anything; she’s just tangible and results-oriented. She is a risk-taker on a massive level, but not stupid enough to get caught doing it. She likes to be a little confrontational and push people’s buttons. She’s more calmly confident than Lou, who likes to have all her ducks in a row. Debbie is all about proving herself and getting revenge on her ex—8s go all in to get back at people and have no super-ego hang-ups about revenge being wrong or bad. Lou tells her that she won’t go along with this, but Debbie continues to push her agenda regardless. She pushes through her fear and does things anyway, out of a need to prove herself. Her 9 wing makes her calm under pressure – a steady, confident presence even when she has to distract people from criminal behavior at the last minute. Her connection to 5 (through disintegration) makes her mentally self-reliant, tactical, and withdrawn.

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