Bucket is analytical and precise, determined to get to the bottom of the case, and meticulous in how he organizes information. He knows that as the first detective of his kind, he is setting a president for future investigators, and as such he cares about the professionalism of his case. Bucket observes the facts and draws conclusions from them; he has a very straightforward manner, and if the facts tell him someone is guilty, he must presume they are, and further interrogate them until they can provide evidence of their innocence. He comes up with many different possible suspects and motives during the course of his investigation and is happy to pursue all of them to their end. He switches his suspects as new information comes into play, and has no trouble letting go of one idea or suspicion for the next, as he follows where the facts guide him. Inspector Bucket is meticulous in combing through the details of the murder and piecing together the larger picture of what happened. He tediously collects every last fact, story, and bit of information he can, finding no insinuation or meeting too unimportant to include in his case files. Bucket is sensible and practical, observant of his environment but not often interested in directly impacting it. He is willing to run down every lead, because every dead end or solved question brings him one step closer to solving the case. He has well-developed inferior Fe. He is an exceptionally kind and generous man, inclined to help people in the street, and both warm and reassuring. Bucket rarely talks about his home life or his interests outside of the case, but has selective compassion for people. He can also tell when someone is lying or more than they seem to be, because he reads their intentions or not as genuine. He takes pride in his work and is committed to doing it well.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Bucket is analytical and detached, cautious in how he gathers information and exacting when he uses it. He’s secretive about his conclusions, and likes to test out his own theories. He relies on his own judgment and has faith in his own conclusions, is rather bookish and introverted, with a few friends. His 6 wing makes him skeptical, but also trusting of the system he’s inventing of deductive reasoning. As a self-pres 5, he’s warm and friendly, able to make friends but also maintain a professional sense of distance. He enjoys going home to his wife at the end of the day.