Wednesday is something of a stereotypical INTJ trope – a loner with no interest in the past or in being anything like anyone expects her to be, who trusts her own hunches even when they are wrong (has too much faith in her intuition, insights, and singular conclusions – which leads her to accuse the wrong person of a crime), and who connects the dots to solve the mystery around the school. She sees herself as a novelist, first and foremost, and has no interest in anything else; she says that being obsessive about one thing is an asset, not a liability (even if others see it as a problem). She says writing what you know is a crutch for the imaginatively impaired. Often, Wednesday has a sense that there is a lot more going on than meets the eye, but she has not “connected the dots yet.” She does eventually realize the truth (after a couple of false leads) and piece together the entire story, without having anyone tell her what happened, but it’s a slow process of getting there. Her approach to everything is very TJ – she’s doing things for logical reasons, she’s amassing facts and evidence to prove her case (and turning it over to the authorities for DNA samples), she doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do or see the need to participate if she isn’t feeling like it (since she has no interest in pleasing anyone but herself). Her own emotions never come to the surface, and instead get buried. Wednesday does have a lot of low sensing, in that she’s very quick to take action (climbing in and out of cars, taking risks, facing down monsters, and being willing to torture or kidnap people), but most of her focus is on her mind. She instantly solves the riddle to get into the secret society, and reluctantly includes her new friends in her desire to save the school, showing her growth in her feelings.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Wednesday is a highly assertive and aggressive character, despite being an introvert. She fearlessly faces down people in authority over her, she immediately leaps into action to follow whatever clue she is interested in, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her or what they say about her, but shows tough-love (she tells her brother he is pathetic and too emotional; when Enid asks for her support in wishing her well on her date, Wednesday says “if he breaks your heart, I’ll nail-gun his”; even though she says she doesn’t care about anyone, when she sees three townies bullying one of her not-friends, she stops them and throws one of them in the stocks; when she sees her brother being bullied, she retaliates by dumping piranahs in the swimming pool; she even has her parents intimidated and concerned about her activities). She doesn’t mind conflict and confronts people without fear of the consequences. Rather than waiting for things to happen to her, she makes them happen through her high-energy investigation. Her opinions are dry and blunt and cutting (“saying that “write what you know” is a crutch for the imaginatively-challenged) and she refuses to apologize, admit when she has been wrong, or admit that she has vulnerable feelings. Her 9 wing’s influence means being a solid wall against which others batter themselves to pieces, but also being detached, disinterested in other people, and unaffected by the outside world. She spends a great deal of her time alone, she is self-reliant in problem-solving, and withdrawn/disinterested in the idea that she might need anyone’s help.

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