Amelia is content to step into her father’s shoes and manage his former business affairs. She is observant of her environment but not always active in it, and doesn’t mind the conventions and necessities of being a lady in society. She throws parties as he would have done, and her impressions of people are often formed from former acquaintances; she is distrustful of Compeyson until he proves through several interactions that he is considerate and pleasant to be around. Initially, she senses something is “off” about the gentleman trying to worm his way into her affections, but she has no real awareness of what is truly going on, and as the story unfolds, is drawn deeper and deeper into his web. Her father had enough trust in her business sense to leave the majority of his fortune and all his accounts to her, and she gladly undertakes their management. Amelia can be somewhat blunt and straightforward in expressing herself (“I have company, you need to leave”). She does not take things personally easily, and also has a set view of how people ought to behave (her brother is being emotionally irrational and selfish and she is not going to go out of her way to please him). When another friend remarks that some might see her not wearing mourning after her father’s funeral as disrespectful, Amelia said it was his wish that she not wear mourning, implying that her priority is her beloved father’s wishes, not making society happy. She continues to devotedly attempt to fulfill all his wishes in her business arrangements, while concealing many of her own emotions. She tries to reconcile with Arthur but also allows him to make his own decisions. Her intuition is not good enough to save her from being manipulated (inferior Ne).

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sx

Amelia is highly skeptical of the man in her life at first, distrustful of what he wants and unwilling to invite him into her life; but the more he pulls away from her, the more curious she is to know him. She waffles between trust and distrust, allowing him in and pushing him away, wanting to reconcile with her brother and abandoning him. Under stress, she becomes more motivated to accomplish things, as well as concerned with what others think (disintegration to 3). Her 5 wing gives her confidence in her own decisions while being skeptical of others’ motives and secretive about herself.