INFJs are often insightful into others’ motivations and believe they can see the soul of a person, and that’s partly what drives Roxanne to ignore Hal’s attempts to turn her into his girlfriend. She tells Megamind that he chose the worst person ever to turn into a superhero, because she sees Hal as selfish, childish, and dangerous—and he proves her right when he unleashes hell on the city and decides to become a villain because she rejects him. She sees him as a “man-child” but still thinks she can reason with him into being a good person and letting her and others go; she finds out she is wrong about this and her attempts to convince him to bring back the “old Hal, the one that loved being my cameraman!” fail. Elsewhere, she motivates and mobilizes others though collective praise of Metro Man; she becomes super emotional on the air in her praise of him and his great achievements, to the extent that people assume the two of them are romantically involved. As she grows closer to Megaman, she sees sharing deep secrets as part of their relationship (“tell me something no one else knows about you!”) and is warm and affirming to the man she is dating. She also says things to annoy Megamind when he kidnaps her, by telling him how predictable he is and lame his plans are and how they always fail. But she’s also analytical, determined to find out what’s actually going on in the city, and curious. She shows a lot of low Se initiative and recklessness in her decision to go into his lair unaccompanied.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

1w2s are idealistic in that they see how things should be improved and the potential in other people, or as Megamind says, “You always look for the best in people.” Roxanne is moralistic, but also critical. She criticizes Megamind for being too predictable, and tries to join forces against him to take him down, when she sees the negative affect he has had on the city. When she finds out that he has been lying to her this entire time, she angrily tells him that she would NEVER choose to be with a villain and storms out of the restaurant. When she finds out the Metro Man has been in hiding this entire time, doing nothing about the devastation wreaked on his city, she becomes so angry she starts throwing things at him! But her 2 wing also softens her and makes her give Megamind another chance… once he decides to be “good.” She is more emotional than she lets on, as well, even though she keeps it bottled up behind her strongly moralistic notions of right and wrong.

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