Veronica is a clinical narcissist, so anything said in this profile should not be used to measure against the character of INFPs. But she shows self-centered Fi throughout the story—she’s self absorbed and wrapped up in her own thoughts and feelings, such as when she leaves one of her “friends” to be assaulted in a cow field to climb up the hill and complain about her life to JD. Elsewhere, she often goes against her friends’ views and shows a deliberate alternative opinion; she doesn’t like them bullying the resident overweight girl, so she goes out of her way later to make friends with her and to be kind to her, to make up for it. She hangs herself to fool JD into assuming she committed suicide, and then calmly asks her mother what’s up after she’s discovered. She doesn’t like the views of her friends, so she rants in her diary about it rather than confront them (“I just want to kill someone!”). She doesn’t bother to participate in anything that does not interest her, and refuses to justify the deaths of several people because she had no intention of harming them in any permanent way. She shows intuition in how she likes her situation to a Greek myth, about cutting the head off the Hydra and having another grow back to take its place—referencing her situation with one Heather taking over from the first, and being a worse problem. She is somewhat idealistic and naïve about JD and his intentions until they become obvious, then she puts the pieces together and uses unorthodox methods (faking her own suicide) to fight against him. She also argues that he can’t kill her or force her to write more suicide notes, despite him insisting no one cares about the details. She takes her own personal experiences with him into account when deciding what to do about him, and sometimes references her past life in conversations. Veronica is also quite blunt when asked questions, and takes it upon herself to stop JD from blowing up the school. She rather ruthlessly takes measures against him, and shows a total lack of a reaction to his death, even though a few hours earlier they were close.

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/so

Veronica seems to be torn between going along with stronger personalities than herself (her adherence to the Heathers, her admitting whenever she is around JD, she just goes along with his agenda), and reacting against them. She can be catty and spiteful and talk behind their backs in her journal, but still wants to be included and have school be a “nice place” to be. She hates the Heathers half the time, but still remains friends with them; they will ask her to go places and do things, and she does so, even if she finds them contemptible (and then she will sit in a corner and ignore everyone, or rebuff people she doesn’t like by pushing back against them). She’s both sympathetic toward those being bullied, and self-absorbed. She doesn’t see things as her problem to deal with (at one point, she walks up the hill to talk to JD and hang out with him, despite having her reservations about him, while her friend is struggling with a guy in the background, inferring she doesn’t notice or care what’s happening around her most of the time). It’s only when JD intends to kill everyone and blow up her school that she pushes back assertively and sabotages him, which also gives her the confidence to assert that there’s a new boss in town when she takes the bow out of Heather’s hair and puts it in her own. Elsewhere, she pushes back against her friends, defies them, and tells them off from time to time about their bitchy behavior or being mean, but still continues to hang around them despite disliking their morals. She also trusts JD too much at the start, and doesn’t suspect him of nefarious aims until he kills someone right in front of her, and then she worries about what this means for her future (and yet, maintains their connection).

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