JD is a psychopath, so please don’t use his callousness as a reflection on ENTPs on the whole. But corrupt ENTPs are chaos-creators; like JD and the Joker in The Dark Knight. All they want to do is stir up things and see what happens, without remorse for the humans that wind up being killed in the process. JD is similar to the Joker in that he has lots of ideas he wants to test out against reality, not all of them practical; he improvises well when it comes to murderous schemes. Veronica wants to make Heather throw up, so he serves her a cup of liquid drain-cleaner that instantly kills her. When sexual rumors are spread around the school about Veronica by the jocks, JD sees it as an opportunity to set them up for being gay lovers and shoot them both, blaming it on suicide (the same way he convinced Veronica to write a suicide note to cover up his murder of Heather). ENTPs are good at changing gears rapidly and coming up with stories; they are also good at innovating their evil schemes and seeing others’ potential. He notices Veronica is not fully into the games of her clique, and singles her out as someone he could connect to and manipulate to his advantage. He uses his charisma and fun to lure her into a relationship, then to convince her to go along with his ideas, and then callously decides that she has become a problem because she’s threatening to tell on him, and chooses to kill her. He comes to her room to do so, “if I couldn’t persuade you.” He thinks he can talk his way out of the consequences of his actions, and has largely cynical views of humanity. He justifies his murderous intentions through metaphorical and poetic symbolism, saying that once the school is a pile of ashes, people will talk about how that school “self-destructed, not because society didn’t care, but the school was society.” He feeds off of getting others to react to him, and knows how to manipulate Veronica and the second Heather to do what he wants. But he is dismissive of the details, such as when he insists that the police will not care about a handwriting analysis when trying to convince Veronica that he doesn’t need her anymore.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

JD just wants to cause a little chaos, and if he has to blow himself up in the process, that’s not a problem—at least he will have kept life fun and interesting and managed to avoid boredom! He is quite aggressive in pursuing Veronica as a love interest and in corrupting her into his murder schemes, becoming more and more excited as each one succeeds and he assumes it makes her more like him. He has grandiose thinking and self-importance, but is also hedonistic and callous about others and their pain. He has no intention of being a boring workaholic like his father, or in ending up like him. He also has no hang-ups about being violent, manipulative, and murderous, or about blowing up the school full of hacks and cliques who don’t deserve to live. He can become aggressive with Veronica from time to time, forcefully kissing her against her will and even coming to her room to “kill you” (he finds her “hanging” from the ceiling instead). When she really “effs” him up at the end, he has a begrudging amount of respect for her having beaten him and blows himself up rather than admit defeat.

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