Arthur is a bundle of emotion that only rarely expresses itself. He longs to be true to who he is, but is oppressed by the beliefs of those around him – so he will risk everything to keep his true nature a secret. Though wracked with guilt and fear over his decision to throw his sister into the path of a dangerous man, Arthur ultimately protects his greater self-interest over hers, revealing that he can disassociate from her emotions and sink into his own. Once in awhile, Arthur becomes cutting in his words. He hopes to make amends through action (giving his sister a gift). He spends a lot and wracks up debts; he thinks mostly about living in the moment, without considering the future consequences of his choices. Arthur is invested in his environment, both in desiring and partaking of “the finer things in life,” and in the sense that he reacts quickly. He tends to take people at face value upon first acquaintance. He admits that he figured Jaggers would look into his friend’s past once he became engaged to Amelia. Worry about the future and what might happen to him causes him to struggle emotionally between protecting his sister from a monster, and preserving his own safety. Arthur’s fixation on what might happen in a negative sense allows his “friend” to manipulate him. He starts to comprehend how dangerous the man is after given a few clues. He initially had a scheme to get money off Amelia, but defers to his co-conspirator’s superior logic (inferior Te).

Enneagram: 4w3 so/sp

Arthur is consumed by his feelings of abandonment and inadequacy; he focuses on his father rejecting him and his sister “unfairly” inheriting everything. He allows his bitterness and resentment to drive him into reckless behavior, by finding someone to con his sister out of her fortune. He broods most of the time, dwelling in his misery and unable to find happiness or adjust to his situation, soon getting in over his head with a controlling business partner. His 3 wing wants success and feels angry about being “displaced” by his sister, as well as makes him outward in his feelings, dramatic, and -focused, not wanting to look bad or have his sexuality known. Under stress, he becomes needy, focused on obtaining attention, and people-pleasing (disintegration to 2).