Frances is a sensible and practical woman, aware of how the world works and how to accomplish things in it. She sees that they are going bankrupt and immediately decides the most viable option would be for either her or her sister to marry Sir Lester Dedlock, a wealthy man. Once aware that Sir Lester prefers her sister, she changes tactics… and despite her feelings toward the gentleman, finds ways to put them together. Frances is concerned with their finances and expenditures. She tells her sister it is foolish to marry a penniless man for love, when she can have a suitable marriage that will keep them out of the poorhouse. Frances can often be frank in her opinions and does not put much faith in things she cannot see or touch. She is clearly deeply hurt when she realizes the man she has her heart set on prefers her flighty younger sister… but she conceals those emotions from everyone, and sets to work to make their marriage happen instead. Frances’ emotions are so personal to her, and so obscure, that it is hard to read them or sense her true motives (does she really love him, or did she merely see in him a possibility to escape her financial woes?). She is skeptical of her father’s money schemes and mindful of his former failures. Their impending bankruptcy terrifies her; she has increasing dread about their financial status and is upset with her father and sister for not taking these matters more seriously. Frances has no problem changing tactics as information is made available to her.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Frances has a lot of anger burning beneath the surface – she’s resentful of her sister who seems to “float through life,” while Frances cannot “let go” and be flighty and romantic-minded. She only unloads this on her sister during a moment of intense crisis, when she allows herself to pull down her facade of calm indifference and be emotional. She behaves like a 4 under stress – feeling rejected, unwanted, and undesirable by her suitors, and envious of her sister’s natural ease with other people. Her 9 wing makes her hate conflict and numb herself to her feelings in an attempt to avoid them. She wants to do the right thing, but also keep them financially secure – while being critical of her sister’s imperfections.