Honoria wants to pursue her feelings for the man she loves above all else, even ignoring the practicality of having fallen in love with someone with no fortune or ability to help her family out of their dire straits. She follows her affections right into his bed and winds up pregnant, but not ashamed of it. Though she knows it would be better to conceal this, after she thinks she has lost him forever, she finds it difficult not to be authentic to her inner experience. Unlike her sister Frances, she’s not able to just put aside her feelings and accept the attentions of an older man simply to survive. But left with no choice, she adapts to the situation and goes along with it to keep the peace. She is quite good with her hands, and eager to take action, also is not entirely convinced that Amelia is doing the right thing with her brother, or in trusting the new man in her life. She is hesitant to accept him, and wants to do something useful to contribute to their present situation, but does not know what. Honoria knows what she wants, and intends to stand her ground, but only caves in after it becomes obvious that she cannot have the life she wanted. She takes her sister at face value, and does not know that her child has been smuggled away from her. Honoria is sweet, and much-loved by everyone who knows her, but can also be stubborn and blunt under stress, as she lays out her boundaries.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Honoria has a sweet spirit and acceptance of everyone and everything, in vivid contrast with her more controlling, blunt, and less emotional sister. She has lived a charmed life, assuming the best of everyone and thinking their happiness will continue uninhibited, and is quite horrified and shocked to learn about the hard things in life—poverty, her father’s death, and their lack of money forcing her to accept the attentions of a man she does not love. She simply numbs out and ignores what she doesn’t want to face, closing herself off emotionally and becoming distant once life disappoints her. Honoria wants to be a good person and do right by others, and isn’t above cautioning her friends or telling them when they are doing something wrong, but doesn’t force herself on them so much as insist on following her own path.