Compeyson is a master at manipulating his environment to achieve a desired outcome. He looks around him, notices opportunities to act, and leaps on them, from dirtying himself up, snatching Miss Havisham’s dog, and throwing himself under the wheels of a coach to convince her that he “saved” her dog, to ingraining himself in her life through convincing her cousin that he saved his life. He is aggressive, confrontational, impulsive, and often reckless… but he gets away with it, because he’s so keenly in tune with his environment. Flashes of insight come to him… how to appeal to Miss Havisham for one thing. He also seemingly out of nowhere discerns that Arthur’s lost inheritance stems from hidden homosexuality and his father’s displeasure at finding that out; Compeyson is pushing that, in an attempt to prove or disprove his conclusions (or simply make Arthur uncomfortable… Fe). He is frank, unapologetic, and calculating; he tells a man to his face that his intention is to seduce Miss Havisham and take every last penny of her inheritance. He means it, and the man assumes he doesn’t and laughs it off. Compeyson is brutally honest, even cruelly so, with Arthur Havisham. He assesses problems in silence and comes up with rapid solutions, often that achieve exactly what he wants them to. His ability to charm people disarms them; he knows how to appeal to their emotions and takes great pleasure in manipulating them through it. He doesn’t just want to take Miss Havisham’s money, but to utterly destroy and humiliate her. He knows how to appeal to and intimidate Arthur. Often his tactics are unusual – to sense how someone wants him to act, or expects him to act, and to do the opposite just to throw them emotionally off guard. He always knows exactly what he is going to do when making long-term goals (inferior Ni).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Compeyson is a psychopath, but also displays traits of 3-driven ambition, -seeking, and focus. He becomes whatever others need him to be, in order to manipulate them, but also has a darker undertone and connection to his deeper drives. He is somewhat detached from his feelings, and then finds them, but does not prioritize them enough to avoid “success.” He hates failure, and for anyone to point out his weaknesses or expose him as a fraud. His 2 wing makes him emotionally able to manipulate other people and find their soft spots, as well as a desire to dominate Arthur.