ENTJs can be masterful manipulators in terms of reading people and seeing their potential when they lack a moral conscience, and that is Kathryn’s problem. She sees people as conquests and chess pieces in her grand game. She doesn’t like to be abandoned or shamed, so she retaliates through recruiting others into her revenge plots. Kathryn motivates Sebastian to seduction by betting he cannot do it, and telling him if he does, he can have her and she will do whatever he wants. She intends to keep her promise, and is shocked when he “wins” but doesn’t want his reward. Her emotions never get involved in anything, which means she disowns them and shames him for being affected by Annette, because she sees emotions as melodrama and unnecessary. In the process, she ignores her own feelings for Sebastian and underestimates how much she cares about him. Her intuition is solid, in that she sees how she can get Sebastian to do what she wants, she sees how to get her revenge on Cecile’s mother, and then spells out for him what his future holds after he falls in love with Annette (she tells him that in a short time, he’ll be giving campus tours with his new girlfriend). For the most part, she stands on the sidelines and reframes things for other people, so they see them in the way she wants them to see them (Ni is skilled at seeking a new and distinct vantage point; for example, convincing Cecile she was not sexually assaulted but enjoyed it, so she wanted it; telling Sebastian that her triumph was over him, because she has conned him into giving up the only girl he ever had true feelings for). She is rather inactive, except for her active sex life and her love of pleasure and fine things.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Kathryn is an unhealthy 8 in that she knows what she wants, and she goes through other people to get it, including destroying other people’s lives with no concern for their reputations or feelings. She constantly pushes Sebastian to enact her revenge, mocking him when he falls in love and seems “whipped.” She avoids her own sensitive feelings, out of a need to dominate and control him, and have the upper hand, and is even angry when he doesn’t want his reward and she does. She shames him for allowing his feelings to blind him to the situation, rather than being detached like her. She is also mad that people judge her for being a woman who “enjoys sex,” and looks for it as an outlet, giving in to all her desires without feeling wrong for seducing other people’s significant others. She is hedonistic and self-pleasuring, in denial of her feelings and drives being a problem.

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