Bob Cratchit is a sensible man, content with his life and family, happy to go to work each day and handle the tedious details of bookkeeping and accounts. He is delighted by such simple pleasures as being surrounded by his family at the hearth or accompanying his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. He is meticulous in his work. He frets… and longs for them to all have a better life. Cratchit is a little naïve and romantic, desiring to give his wife things he cannot afford. He is warm, likable, and good-natured. Cratchit finds it difficult to call in loans or deal harshly with people. He even tries to be kind to Scrooge. When under arrest for suspicion of murder, he begs Bucket to let him attend his daughter’s wedding so that it will not ruin her day. He doesn’t want anyone to fret on his account, so he deliberately keeps the truth of the investigation from his wife. Cratchit so wants her to be happy he takes out a small loan to purchase her a replacement necklace for the one she sold after they got married. “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?” Cratchit has no problem being logical, nor in finding creative ways to express himself. He possesses a deep understanding of other people and their motives, and has logical reasons for every decision he makes… even if they are not always practical from an outside standpoint. He is very careful in his work ledgers to keep records, and has improvised his own technique to keep track of his accounts. He shows no real restlessness other than a desire to make more money, but he has no real plan of how to accomplish that. He cheerfully tries to look for the best in people and give them motives that are positive, while also seeing the negatives at work in his life (“The bad news is I have to work late for the same money; the good news is I still have a job!”) (inferior Ne).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Cratchit is reassuring, complacent, and resigned. He works hard, and can’t find it in himself to ask for a raise or push his employer for more hours off (not that it would do much good). He maintains a cheerful attitude even when things get dire, out of a desire to keep the spirits lifted of those close to him. He tries to ignore and re-frame negative experiences so as to maintain his inner sense of calm and harmony. He’s rarely angry and quite principled, always wanting to do the right thing for his friends and family (his 1 wing). As a 9, he only becomes distrustful and doubting under stress (moving to 6). His social variant makes him invested in the best interests of his family and friends (the group), as well as makes him lighthearted, fun, and supportive of others.